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1 03 2007

Cross posted from Georgia Crime Watch

Would it bother you if your American child brought this home from school? What happened to the children of illegal immigrants learning English?

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Forsyth Sheriff applies to ICE for immigration enforcement.

Forsyth County deputies will soon be trained to perform immigration-related duties of suspected illegal aliens who are arrested and brought into the Forsyth County jail.

Authorities continue marijuana-growing busts

One suspect told police he is from Mexico; the other two said they are from Cuba.

…Miguel Angel Garcia-Vasques, 23, was hit by a train Monday night. He was found under one of the trains boxcars…

…The Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal in the RICO case against Mohawk. The Dalton, Georgia carpet manufacturer is being sued by their employees for hiring illegal immigrants.

Minuteman group establishes chapter in Atlanta area

Residents in several Tucker neighborhoods are up in arms over a bar they say is coming to their community. Daisy Fiesta Billiards is being built on a commercially zoned piece of land that already holds a gas station…

An indoor marijuana “farm,” similar to two uncovered earlier in the Chestnut Mountain area, has been raided in Gwinnett County.

…500 plants – worth more than two million dollars – were seized in the operation. In addition, Moloney says, more than 15,000 grams of marijuana ready for distribution with a street value of over $153,000 were also seized.

Cobb County, GA: 18th Street Gang


California: Neighborhood works with local Sheriff Department to track down Gang Members.

Kern County Sheriff’s Department is collaborating with city law enforcement to proactively tackle gangs in their area.

Colorado: Police Chief Dan Oates is requiring every officer who files a police report to mark whether a crime is gang-related. Aurora has an estimated 1,460 gang members and 36 known gangs…four of the 16 homicides in the city last year were gang-related.


Mohamed Shorbagi, 42, the imam of a north Georgia mosque, pleaded guilty to providing support to the militant group Hamas [and] was sentenced Tuesday to more than seven years in prison.


Why do Georgia’s children find criminal activity so lucrative? Is it because they aren’t educated enough to obtain decent employment?

Georgia gets a “D” on a new U.S. Chamber of Commerce education report card
The state ranks 38th out of the 50 states.

Eliminate birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants and then let’s see how our schools will rate.

FLASHBACK: Esmerelda Nava

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Right Truth: Stealth Approach to NAU


Liberally Conservative: English = Citizenship




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