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1 03 2007

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Via Judicial Watch
Substandard trucks driven by low-paid, unqualified Mexican drivers that will threaten national security and endanger American motorists will travel freely throughout the United States under a new Bush Administration pilot project.

Just one of the many soon to be realized benefits of the Security and Prosperity partnership.
“We refuse to knuckle under in the the so called “American Safe road standards” lobby.

The Department of Transportation quietly announced the program by highlighting how U.S. trucks will, for the first time, be allowed to make deliveries in Mexico as part of a cross border trucking operation. Transportation officials ignored the seriousness of unqualified Mexicans driving big rigs on U.S. highways, instead saying that only a “select “ group of Mexican trucking companies will be allowed to make deliveries and that U.S. inspectors would assure all safety standards are met.

A Transportation Dept. spokesman might have said.
“We fully intend to protect the traveling public by re-assigning at least 3 of the 12 safety inspectors we have. We feel they will do a great job monitoring and inspecting every one of the hundreds of Mexican big rigs streaming onto American highways every day.”

“Simply because Mexican drivers don’t meet U.S. requirements that include enforcement of hours to prevent fatigue, commercial drivers’ licenses, regular physicals, age limits and drug and alcohol tests, is no reason for Americans to be alarmed.”

Just two years ago, the Department of Transportation Inspector General found that the Mexican government and Mexican motor carriers did not meet congressionally mandated requirements. An Inspector General audit report is due in the next couple of months, raising serious questions as to why President Bush is pushing this experimental program ahead of that report.
According to DOT sources, the Bush Administration will announce today that it is initiating a one-year experimental program that will allow 100 Mexican carriers to begin travel beyond the currently permitted commercial zones. Apparently no hazardous material shipments will be permitted in order to avoid the required background checks. SOURCE

We don’t understand why there are objections to this program. You must use NAFTALOGIC.
As with our program to secure our border. The more agents we eliminate by arresting them, the fewer arrests are made. The fewer arrests that are made, is proof that fewer illegals are crossing our border……thus we are making the border more secure.
We fully expect that our 5 safety inspectors will find very few violations with these truckers. As more and more trucks cross our borders, the % of violations will significantly drop, proving the program works.


“It’s rather ironic that Eisenhower announced the interstate project as the “National Defense Highway System”, isn’t it? It’s now being turned into a paved four-lane invasion route.” – – Charles Martel

This is NAFTA free trade at it’s best.


A few other bloggers not feeling any more secure or prosperous”

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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.



One response

9 03 2007

We’re not taking it ‘laying down’.

I’m an American trucker… Yep, 18 Wheel Semi Tractor Trailer Oil Tanker Driver with a CDL (Commecial Drivers License) with endorsements for Hazmat, Tanker, Doubles and Triples.

I’m getting ready to go out the door on another run and I ran across this link in my e-mails and just wanted to share a comment on this proposed NAFTA Superhighway Mexico/USA/Canada highway thing.

It won’t work. If and when our government lets the Mexican truckers run our roads… they have to stop for fuel somewhere… they have to eat and go to the bathroom… they have to come face to face with the American trucker whose revenue they are stealing from… they have to meet the wrath of the ones that are really in control… The American Trucker.

I’m not saying that the Mexicans shouldn’t try to better themselves and their lot in life.
I’m not saying that we shouldn’t work as separate nations in unity for the common good of man.
…but I am saying this: Don’t come over here and steal our jobs, our livlihood and how we feed our families… No. We won’t allow that.

Don’t say it’s one of those jobs that Americans don’t want to do.
Don’t say you’ll do it cheaper. Don’t say you have rights in my country… You don’t and you won’t.

I would never imply that American truckers should do things to deter NAFTA Mexican truckers like: disabling their rigs in the truckstops, blocking them from moving, using our ‘good ol’ boy’ network to delay, detain and deter their deliveries… why should I? It’s going to happen anyway.

I’d be willing to speculate that if the ‘White Shirts’ in Washington actually enact something as silly as a ‘NAFTA Superhighway’ open to Mexican truckers, that all sorts of behaviors would result like: Tire slashing, air-line cutting, kingpin releases, ‘doctoring’ fuel tanks, wire-pulling, personal harassment (putting it lightly) and well… why not just say it… yanking his ‘Job Stealing’ ass from his rig and giving him an ass-whoopin’. That keeps it kind of personal, so to speak.

Now, most American truckers are good, honest, God-fearing citizens who would never wish any ill will on any fellow man and I’m proud to be in that group but honestly, if the foreigners try to come over here to America and take our truck driving jobs, we might just lose our cool and put the brakes on it… real quick like. Not to be rude and not to be mean and hateful… but to be fair and righteous and to do the right thing.

So, let me speak for the American trucker and say this to the Mexican trucker: “Go home or stay home in Mexico and do your best. Give it your best effort to become the best you can be at trucking in your country. Do all you can to strengthen you governments’ rules and regulations in trucking. Do all you can to upgrade, update and become professionals in your field of endeaver. Do all you can to foster a reliable and responsible trucking industry in your own country, Mexico. Then and only then, after you have proven yourselves worthy and responsible enough to travel on America’s highways, would we even possibly consider allowing you to operate on the same roads ocupied by our families, friends and fellow Americans. We are calling you to a higher standard.

Thank you for supporting the American Trucker.
We love America.

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