5 03 2007

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Welcome to Washington kids……. I’m sure you are all excited, but let’s stay in line.
Today we will tour the Senate to see how our Senators pass legislation important to all Americans, but especially to you children. You are our future, and it is our mission to create a different kind of government …….One you can be proud of.

OK…..Ready?…..Let’s go…….

This is our Senate building….Where the Democrats have a new majority and are changing the way our Government works. In the past the party in charge didn’t always do what was best for Americans. Our pledge is that we’re going to change all that!

Now we are in the NEW Senate Chamber. This is where all the Senators have a desk. The gallery we are standing in, is where Americans can come watch us work.

We Democrats believe that the people should know what their government is doing. We call this Transparency. Can you say Transparency? It means we pledge to work out in the open. See how open it is here?
I don’t see anyone at the moment…….. but if we are lucky we might see a senator giving a speech, presenting a chart, waving some papers, or hard at work participating in an important photo op……..

Why is nobody here?

Well Susie, Senators are very busy people……..we might be on vacation, or fund raising, or on a junket…… Why……we might even be working on legislation for all of you.

Can we see that?…..Huh….Can we?…..Pleeeease!!!




OK kids………We’ll take a quick peek…….But don’t disturb or bother the Senators……They will be hard at work.
Here are the senators working on the
Kennedy McCain Immigration Reform Bill……




Here are the Senators working on the
Earmark reduction Bill…..



And here are your Senators making government More transparent
with the Lobbying Reform bill…..



Kennedy, McCain keep immigration bill closeted
Via the Houston Chronicle

WASHINGTON — The Senate’s march to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws is starting in somewhat rocky fashion, with Sen. John Cornyn of Texas and other leading Republicans complaining they’ve been shut out of the bill-writing process.
Even the committee’s top Republican, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, complained he’d been frozen out of the talks on a bill co-sponsored by one of his GOP colleagues, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Kennedy and McCain, renewing the partnership they began in the last Congress, have had their aides closeted for weeks crafting legislation with the input of a select few, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, other business interests and immigrant advocates.

Appearing before the Judiciary Committee, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez urged Congress to act swiftly on Bush’s call for a comprehensive immigration bill and stressed his commitment to make it happen.
Chertoff and Gutierrez steered away from endorsing specific policy prescriptions but urged passage of a law that can be easily put into practice.
“We have to strive for simplicity so we can execute it effectively,” Gutierrez said, blaming the 1986 amnesty law’s failure in part on mandates that proved too difficult to carry out.


Well Kids……………What do you think of your visit to the Senate


kiddy 2.jpg




This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




3 responses

15 03 2007
victor salas

the racism in all of us

15 03 2007
victor salas

here it is for all of us

15 03 2007
victor salas

I was watching one of your members in headline prime with glenn something about two week’s ago and, I saw you guys making all these comments about the subject (immigration) and Mexicans, putting the entire blame on 80% illegal immigrant’s being from there, etc. well I agree with you to a certain extent but have you asked yourself about how lame and good for nothing are most Americans to do basic labor work, and how messy and negligent and lazy to do the basic jobs that Mexicans do for them because they can’t do it for their own self’s. Either because they have a superiority complex or it just runs in their Anglo or Caucasian blood. I mean I excuse the niggers because they claim that they already did all the work they had coming for them and more and, because the hillbillies abused them for too long. But the mountaineers, cheesecakes, rednecks, pilgrims, invaders, the scum of the old world, the real immigrants, and I can go on with the names but I mean you. What is your excuse for not working and why do you refuse to do the work that Mexicans do for you. I mean what is so wrong with picking oranges or lettuce, mapping floors, etc. if you are too special to not do these jobs, stop complaining why there is too many people here wanting to take your jobs. Go ahead and start hiring whites or blacks to do these jobs to see what happens. Right? Additionally the gooks are the main immigration problem here in the states and America. there are about 1.7 billion of them and they just keep coming and you guys are just opening your legs to them so, obviously they are also taking your jobs, your man or women and of course your houses too, but you are so stupid being busy blaming the poor illiterate people of Mexico that come to fill the gaps. Come on wake up and smell the coffee man. But believe me I don’t hate or blame the white race for all of our problems in fact, I give them credit for still having control. And believe me I’m not a racist even though I sound like one. I say this because I even hate what some Mexicans do just as whites, Chinese, blacks etc. but I do not generalize. I mean when I was in Mexico We the Mexicans don’t give a crap about how you see the world because we have our own way of seeing it., in other words it is a very big planet and it just doesn’t belong to you. And you call this place America and you are right and that is because you are the immigrants. And we call it our backyard or the U.S. as you should. WE have been here since the beginning and some of you are newcomers or second generation like that monkey face of yours Ray Herrera your national spokesperson of yours who is a complete idiot not to mention an illiterate and racist beaner. Now, do you understand what I am talking about when I say I despise my own kind? There are many different reasons why. Just to mention one they need to stop talking shit like blaming the white people for everything like the Blacks do or the minute man blaming the illegal immigrants. And start changing their ways of seeing this world to make changes here and in Mexico. We can start by providing all these stupid Mexicans here who can’t speak Spanish some classes so they can be smarter and liked by their countryman. And likewise with the immigrants or vice versa. That’s one way we can start loving each other and have some togetherness. Because, there is a lot of separation and hate between ourselves, not just here in the U.S. but at home too. Is a country politically divided 50/50 just like the US, Mexicans talk shit about their paisanos from the south and vice versa ( Chicanos, chilangos,fronterizos, nortenos, surenos, Indian, Spaniard, mestizos rich, poor, priistas, panistas, perredistas, and what about the central and south American (brothers) they are part of America too, but we can get to that later. For now we (the Mexicans) have a lot of that garbage that we need to clean up. So before we can start changing others houses we have to begin with ours. But it is not only the illiterate and the stupid poor but the ugly rich Mexicans who have also invaded the U.S. because It’s safe heaven for them for the protection that this country provides to rich people, so they get all these goodies for themselves and are welcome in our society because of their money even though most of them are and will always be second class citizens not matter how much money they get to spend here. And they also need some classes. Now I love the real American people the ones that made this country great that worked very hard and were righteous and deserved what they worked for. Including us of course. We are part of this mess too whether we like it or not, we even have some beaners dying stupidly in Iraq as we speak, so, that is just another issue isn’t. Anyway man got to go, but no hard feelings ok? Let’s keep working to solve our neighborly problems it is still a long way ahead of us.

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