President Bush – Appeasing Mexico

14 03 2007

Cross posted from  Liberally Conservative

President Bush wrapped up his Latin American trip with a promise to Mexico for immigration reform that is “hated” south of the border.

“My pledge to you and your government, but more important to the people of Mexico, is I’ll work as hard as I possibly can to pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Mr. Bush said during an arrival ceremony that opened two days of meetings with Mexican President Felipe Calderon in this Yucatan Peninsula.

How nice of Mr. Bush to consult the American people, who may in fact, disagree with his Liberal policy of immigration reform, specifically offering amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants from Latin America. We emphasize the word “illegal” and don’t condone placating lawbreakers with a slap on the wrist and citizenship.

Mr. Bush has signed a law calling for construction of more than 700 miles of new fencing along the long border and Mexican president Calderon compares it to the Berlin Wall and argues that both countries need to improve Mexico’s economy to lessen the desire to seek work in the U.S.

Mr. Calderon should answer the following questions:

  • What is Mr. Calderon doing to improve the economy in his widely corrupt country?
  • What is Mr. Calderon doing to unravel the drug cartels in Mexico and other Latin American countries that use Mexico as their route into America with drugs?
  • When does Mexico take responsibility for its domestic problems and establish itself as a free market domain that creates jobs for it’s citizens and helps enforce U.S. laws that prohibit illegal entrance into the United States?
  • Why does Mr. Calderon feel it’s the United States responsibility to provide jobs to Mexican citizens who don’t wish to follow a path to legal citizenship and send their incomes back to Mexico?

President Calderon states the U.S. must do more to solve thorny issues of drug trafficking and immigration.

“We fully respect the right that the government and the people of the United States has to decide within its territory what will be best for their concerns and security,” he said as he welcomed Mr. Bush. “But at the same time we do consider in a respectful way that migration can’t be stopped with a fence.”

Pardon the United States for protecting it’s citizens against criminals who traffic human beings and drugs into a sovereign nation.

“We want to generate jobs for Mexicans here in Mexico. Because that is the only way to truly solve the migratory issue,” says Calerdon.

Once again, what is Mexico doing to create a vibrant economy without expecting constant aid from the United States? Doesn’t Mr. Calderon feel private enterprise and competition are long overdue in his corrupt country?

Calderon should pick up a DVD of the movie “Traffic” to see if it fits the present circumstances of drug trafficking and corruption within Mexico and the Mexican government while asking if we should be concerned in the United States. In the end the movie intends to blame the American family for not doing enough to watch over their children and claims racism; I must argue the supply channels must be cut out at the source instead of listening to the Liberal mantra of blame American first.

The war on drugs should be treated like the war on terror and building a wall to help keep out illegal entrance into the United States is one part of both wars. Mr. Calderon is Harvard educated, conservative and pro-business. We hope he will demonstrate those characteristics to uplift his country into the 21st Century economically and democratically.

Blame America first and depending on the United States is not a policy of self-government and independence. Rhetoric won’t solve problems and we hope the Calderon government and Mexico face the realization that the export of illegal anything into the United States from Latin America is not acceptable.

Rewarding unlawful behavior is not following rule of law, it’s appeasing the enemy. We are not the United States of Mexico!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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