3 Students deported to Mexico – Hope they’re Mexican

16 03 2007

Cross posted from   Demediacratic Nation

From the Arizona Republic (italics mine):

“Three Valley high school students were deported to Mexico after a Gilbert police officer stopped the car they were in for drag racing and called federal immigration officials.”

Something funny from the Arizona Republic:

“(H)ead of the Gilbert Human Relations Commission questioned whether the students were victims of racial profiling.”

“It would sadden me if this was a racial-profiling event by a patrolman. It does demand additional answers.”

Funny, however I will hold judgment due to the fact that I am not sure if they were racing while in drag (slow) or drag racing (fast).

Evidence of Racial Profiling from the Arizona Republic:

“The officer called ICE after the driver, Jaime Cisneros, 16, of Chandler, said he didn’t have an Arizona driver’s license but did own a Mexican driver’s license, although he was not carrying it.”

Oop, ok, they were “driving,” ergot we can assume, though not substantiate at this time that they were going really, really fast. Reports of attire are not available at this time.

In the case of the 3 teens, ICE confirmed their being in the country illegally; were returned to Mexico from the Mexican Consulate Office following interviews and a parent of each were notified of the incident.

According to a radio news report this morning, while at ICE parents of the teens did not come to the aid of them. Hmmmmmmmm…..

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