Michael Medved panders to illegals in Wednesday USA Today

21 03 2007

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Who should stay and who should go?

USA Today, Wednesday March 21, 2007

The Forum

Michael Medved

The best immigration reform would be one that divides and conquers the pool of illegals. The line would be drawn at those who play by the rules, assimilate, and pay a fine and back taxes. To the others: LEAVE!

The title and header of the article is enough to key you into which camp Mr Medved is writing for. If you are not convinced, a quick read will convince you. He even refers to them as undocumented immigrants so the truth about Medved is known… just another amnesty panderer. Illegal means two things to these people: doodly and squat.

Mike thinks that we can absorb the harmless lovable border jumpers while gently encouraging the criminal element to please-with-sugar-on-top depart our beloved homeland. Apparently Michael Medved owns a pair of those rose colored glasses or has rose colored contact lenses.

He says that ultimately “…the most stringent effort to expel illegals [as close as he gets to labeling them illegal aliens] will leave millions remaining in the USA…” and uses this as a reason to throw up our hands and surrender to them.Naturally, there are illegal aliens involved in all sorts of criminal activities, robberies, rapes, murders, car theft, drugs, gangs, and the enablers of all this are Michael Medved, George Bush, McCain, Kennedy, Brownback, Hagel, Obama, Clinton, and ilk that refuse to do anything because we will not bestow citizenship on the border jumpers.

MM laments that assimilation is next to impossible because they can not achieve legal residency. Earth to Mike Medved: They could if they immigrated the LEGAL way. This country encourages and welcomes legal immigrants!

Mass deportation is TOTALLY PRACTICAL. Start a few thousand at a time and work from there. If we do a thousand a week in different areas, after a year we will have cleared approximately 50,000 plus the millions that will self deport. The only inertia we face is from amnesty panderers like you, Mike. I wont ask what part of illegal you do not understand, because you do understand but still refuse to uphold the law. As an adjunct to the deportations, we need to HEAVILY FINE employers of illegals. Make the fine increase exponentially with the number of illegal aliens he employs and it could actually become economically unfeasible for the business to keep illegals on the payroll.

Calling an ILLEGAL ALIEN an undocumented immigrant is like calling a BURGLAR an uninvited house guest!

[ps: You all might want to visit Medved’s web site and let him know what you think about amnesty for illegals!]


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