Our Government Not Listening to the People

23 03 2007

Cross posted from The Uncooperative Blogger 

This is how I feel about the government not securing our borders and stopping illegal immigration.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have petitioned for redress in thee most humble terms. Our repeated Petition have been answered only by repeated injury…

This was taken from the Declaration of Independence. They insist on providing a path to citizenship for those people in this country ILLEGALLY and have done NOTHING to secure our borders. Are you as tired of it as I am?

I wish to start sending The Following to our elected cockroaches, both federal and statewide. Also, include one in EVERY donation requests from the parties. This is handy as they provide a self addressed pre-paid envelope.

To make it more efficient to print here is a doc file with a full page of these pesos.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




3 responses

28 11 2007

Just want to let you know WHY the gringo is letting all the Mexicans work here and send greenbacks home…. it’s because he wants to raise up the Mexican peso in value by propping up their economy with our hard-earned dollars. At the same time the Federal Reserve is bringing the dollar drastically down in value by recklessly increasing the money supply through low interest rates. When the dollar drops enough to meet the peso, they plan to offer us a new currency called the “AMERO.” No kidding. Word of this has been leaking out here and there. That’s why the Fed keeps saying that raising oil prices are fueling inflation. They want us to blame the Arabs for the inflation the Fed is causing. The truth is, raising oil prices can’t possibly cause inflation because inflation is caused by increasing the money supply. Under the Federal Reserve system, that is done by temporarily lowering interest rates. When they increase the money supply, prices naturally go up, but the prices are not what is causing the inflation.

We need some kind of grass-roots level outcry against all this. If they lower the value of our dollar to meet the Peso, many millions of ordinary Americans will lose everything they have worked for.

11 09 2007
Ken Marzec

I am getting a petition typed up as we speak. I have had enough with this government that refuses to listen to us as AMERICANS!!!!! This illegal immigration has to stop, and stop now. I being a born, and raised american refuse to be a minority in my own country! I have alot of people that want this to stop. it is putting us that have been working in our trade professions out of work, andputting our American families in poverty literally.

7 09 2007

Dear brothers & sisters.
Warm greeting from Mongolia . My name is Bayaraa. I live with my wife and 3 children. I am a dentist.
My family wants to immigrate to Canada where the human right is respected, studying environment for the children is provided and where it is safe to live. We want to immigrate to Canada legally. So we have contacted to an Official Agent in Canada which will help us to immigrate to Canada legally. In order to do that, my family has to pay some amount of money for the service to the Agent. Salary is very low in Mongolia , so saving this amount of money is very difficult for my family.
So we are writing this letter to ask support from you. We really hope you understand our condition. My family has been praying to live and work in Canada legally for many years. We hope that God would open the door.
Thank you for your concern,
Warm regards,

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