Reid promises ‘stronger borders’

28 03 2007

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No, not American Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, D-Nev., it’s British Home Secretary John Reid who is expected to announce plans to “strengthen” UK immigration controls, with tougher ID checks and rules on entry by marriage. (BBC)

Harry Reid said, “We need to get a bill and he [President George W. Bush] needs to start twisting a few arms.” After reading comments from politicians on both sides of the isle, I think I’m on the side of the Teamsters (except for the Union part):

“The ideal immigration reform bill would not contain a guest worker program,” said Yvette Pena Lopes, a Teamsters lobbyist. If one is created, the Teamsters and other unions want it to expire in three to five years, Lopes said.Democrats also are facing opposition from unions. Many AFL-CIO member unions and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters are concerned that employers will choose to hire foreigners over more expensive American workers.

They want limits on work visas for foreigners, but also full labor protections that would let them join unions. (TimesArgus)

Back to the UK and John Reid:

Under the change to the marital entry requirement, the minimum age of the UK spouse will also have to rise to 21.Officials say this will reduce the number of immigrants coming to the country as a result of forced marriages.

About 15,000 British people marry foreign nationals from outside the European Union each year. (BBC)

The Brits are looking into biometric data systems to help control who enters the country. Of course the illegals this this is a bad idea.

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