DUIs and Machismo

2 04 2007

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This story at least tells the truth but at the same time is making excuses or victims of the Hispanic or Mexican illegal alien males who drink alcohol and drive.

We are told these Hispanic males drink only because they have left their homes and family to illegally enter a country.  Then because of their illegal behavior they are working in the US illegally and all of the sudden have more money than they’ve ever had to spend on liquor and cars (which they’ve also never had before).  So, as the theory of victimology goes it really isn’t the illegal alien male’s fault they are drinking and driving, it’s American’s fault since these illegal males can’t bring their families with them.

Hispanic DWIs rooted in immigrants’ culture from The News Observer (NC)

Hispanic leaders are struggling to stem a problem that they say is rooted in the waves of young men who leave the calming influences of church and family to labor alone in a new country.“It’s difficult because you’re trying to compete with the loneliness,” said Tony Asion, public safety director for El Pueblo, an Hispanic advocacy group. “Then, as some learn, more come, and we start again.”

This story tries to make the case that DUI’s among Hispanics is diminishing with the rationale there are more illegal alien women and children who have joined the illegal alien men in North Carolina. I just wonder if maybe law enforcement isn’t issuing DUI citations to illegal alien Hispanics since they are illegal. Illegal aliens tend to flee from accidents and law enforcement avoids charging illegal aliens due to their illegal status.

Hispanics made up 18 percent of the 75,000 DWI arrests last year, while they accounted for 6 percent of the population. The portion of DWI citations going to Hispanics has crept up slightly since 2000, even as the growth in the state’s Hispanic population has outpaced overall population growth by more than 500 percent.Since 2000, alcohol-related crashes among Hispanics have dropped from 9 percent of all crashes that involve Hispanics to 7 percent.

The pressure to reverse the trend is intense. Each fatality brings calls for deportations and tighter immigration controls.

A quote from a fire rescue worker says it all though:

“We’ve still got plenty of stupid white, black, pink and purple people that drive drunk. That’s plenty to go around,” he said. “The reality is if they weren’t here, they could not kill people [while] driving drunk.”

The authors of the article are trying to make those who use the illegal alien DUI issue as only utilizing this as a marketing tool against illegal aliens. As if this shouldn’t be a major issue!

And anti-immigration groups have seized on the issue as an effective marketing strategy for their cause.“The effect on the labor force is real, but it’s indirect,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, which favors tighter controls on immigration. “Whereas, an illegal alien who drives drunk and kills some newlywed couple is tangible.”

Yes, it’s definitely tangible with grieving families who have lost loved ones killed by an illegal alien driving drunk.

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