New GA Immigration Law Invokes Response

10 04 2007

Cross posted from   Georgia Crime Watch

Rolling out the red carpet

Georgia residents speak out in favor and against the state’s new round of immigration laws:

Least fortunate will be harmed by ‘heartless’ act

Politicians should get serious on immigration


Why do you think our schools are running out of money? Could it be that we are spending millions of dollars educating the children of illegal immigrants? The majority of schools in NE GA are full of migrant children. If American immigration laws were enforced, would these schools be struggling for money as they are now? NO.

American children are put on the backburner while Mexico’s children are taught basic English. Meanwhile, other industrialized nations, who enforce their immigration laws, are surpassing American education at a rapid rate.

We are losing our competitive edge. We are losing our power. We are losing our global security.

County schools’ cash flow problem

Officials prioritize while waiting for check from state

School board glances at next year’s budget

The 25,000-student school system is planning for some 65 to 80 additional teachers in the 2007-08 school year, including 40 in regular education, 14 in special education and 13 in English for Speakers of Other Languages.


11 students arrested in bust

Drive-by shooting injures 1

Gwinnett County Police Report

High Stakes Poker Game Busted In Roswell

Sources: Second Suspect Arrested In Teens’ Murders

18th street gangster


Snellville adopts ordinance aimed at curbing gang activity

Georgia’s indoor pot busts and America’s general gang activity makes the news…in TAIWAN


Illegal Aliens Must Go: Amnesty is to illegal aliens, as timelines are to terrorists

People’s Patriot: Another way Americans pay for illegal immigration

CommonSenseAmerica: Assassins, rapists, and torturers

**This was a production of The Coalition
Against Illegal Immigration
(CAII). If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards,
email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you
would like to participate.




4 responses

2 01 2008
piero villacorta

i think that if it wasnt for the hispanics immigration, the u.s.a would not be as powerful. I know there is problems with gangs,but is not only hispanics, there is white,blacks,hispanics,and asians gangsters.

30 09 2007
ilsa meono

It makes me sick to have to see my daughter walk to HS everyday by a gas station full with illegal aliens standing by waiting to be picked up by some cheap employer that does not want to pay wages, this of course is not the only thing that makes so sick, is the fact that most of these “men” like little girls and my daughter has to put up with all the tonge/hand gestures and all the verbal sex abuse of all the things they woulk like to do to her, she has come home in tears many times. I brought this up to the pricipal at her school and nothing was done. How much longer are we gonna put up with this. I am relocating to GA, and I feel like chances are she may have to go through the same there, SICKENING.

12 06 2007

ummmmmmzzzzzzz. i dont dink so. hispanics rulzzzzzzzzz!! ya losers

10 04 2007
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