Two Americans Discuss Illegal Immigration

10 04 2007

Cross posted from The Peoples Patriot

try to frequent various forums to gauge sentiment on the illegal immigration issue. Often times I come across pro illegal alien propaganda. When I do, I cannot resist setting the record straight when it comes to illegal immigration.

I had such an incident yesterday. I came across a forum discussion whereby a pro illegal alien advocate needed to be educated about the problem of illegal immigration. While my post was aimed at the illegal alien advocate, an anti illegal alien advocate confronted me on my post and this website. The forum I speak of and my initial comments can be found here.

Here is ProudUSC’s comments on my post.

It was my interpretation that the OP doesn’t want illegals here under any circumstance (did you look at the website?) You know my position on illegal immigration; however, the OP appears to be ready to start a revolution against our current government IMO. Just for grins, take a quick took at the site (scroll toward the bottom and read for yourself).

God Bless America!

He erroneously refers to me as OP. No big deal mistakes and typos are common on the internet boards. I suspected he was referring to me and my site so I responded with this comment.

ProudUSC if you are referring to me, yes I don’t want illegal aliens here at all. By the way, it’s interesting you took my “Cornered” post as an incitement of revolution. That was not my intention.

My intention was to show that the government is eliminating and ignoring all recourse taken against illegal immigration. If the only recourse you leave the American people is revolution, well what alternative do they have?

I consider it more of an observation than incitement.

His response to me was… (emphasis is mine)

Your website (or the one you’re affilliated with) is very demeaning to our government. That’s why I said I thought you were trying to start a revolution. I am totally 100% against illegal immigration. We have a 2000 mile border to our south and close to the same or more to our north. Why do you think it’s only the problem of this presidency that has caused this problem? This was going on long before George W. was elected. The same as the terrorist act that seriously cost this country many lives on 9/11. George W. was president 8 months before that happened. Do you seriously think this wasn’t going on during the Clinton administration? I believe the terrorist threat was there before George W. was elected into office. It was conveniently covered up so Bill could go out of office like a hero (yeah, right). It’s b.s. to blame this whole situation on the current administration.

God Bless America!

This was my response to ProudUSC, who by the way, I have no harsh or ill feelings toward. I thought the entire discussion was civil and insightful.

ProudUSC I agree with you. It does demean our government but it doesn’t demean our country. Our government is NOT our country our people are. The government is derelict in it’s duty to protect the American people and the sovereignty of the United States. In my opinion, the great people of this country have been sold out in favor of big business, special interests and cheap labor. They (the gov’t) are deserving of all the harsh criticism they receive.

I love this country and hate what this government is doing to it. They are perverting everything good about the United States for the almighty dollar. The government is decimating America’s middle class with illegal immigration and shipping jobs overseas. We have become a country that makes nothing. We now have to buy everything from the likes of China and other cheap labor meccas.

You are also correct in pointing out that illegal immigration has been a problem even before Bush took office. Eisenhower was the last U.S. President to control illegal immigration. Eisenhower! For over fifty years we have not had control over our southern border. In 1965 due in part to a gigantic push by Ted Kennedy, we ended the use of quota system to decide who gets to immigrate to the US. It’s been liberal legislation and downhill for controlling immigration ever since. So yes, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Looking back over the past fifty years, there has been no more an incompetent administration in the context of immigration, legal and illegal, than the Bush Administration. As you are probably aware, the first step in addressing any problem is recognizing you have a problem. Bush hasn’t even recognized there is a problem. Any talk that leads you to believe he does think it’s a problem is insincere and is a reaction to immense political pressure.

Immigration law enforcement has been worse than dismal under Bush. There have been years where work place enforcement arrests were four. Four work place enforcement arrests in an ocean of illegal employers. He doesn’t want to enforce immigration law. That is a dereliction of his presidential duties.

He ignores the pleas of approximately two thirds of the people to get tougher on illegal immigration. He slaps our faces with talk of amnesty and insults our intelligence by calling it a path to citizenship.

He makes us pay taxes to educate and medicate our own work place replacements. In essence giving the middle class a shovel to dig its own grave. He allows, encourages and advocates for the worst and most obscene form of corporate welfare, known as illegal immigration. Here again he forces the American taxpayer to subsidize illegal labor’s “employee benefit plans” which includes educating the children of those that don’t even belong in the country.

To date he has still failed to realize the mistakes of his positions on illegal immigration and he presently pursues policy that is detrimental to the American people and the country. He is, in my opinion, deserving much worse than my open criticism of him and his policies. In my opinion, he deserves to be impeached for not protecting the Constitution and the Sovereignty of the Country and it’s States.

It’s important to note, that up until a couple of years ago, I have been a lifelong Republican and in fact had voted for Bush not once, but twice. Now I have come to realize that there are few political leaders that put the country and it’s people before their own political ambitions. This breed of politician is beholden to big business, wealthy lobbyist and special interests. Searching out these real political leaders is a full time job as the mainstream media has obfuscated the political process as they have the illegal immigration issue.

I get the idea that you think I blame Bush for 9/11. I don’t. 9/11 was more of a mark against Clinton than Bush. However, we have not defeated terrorism to date. There are millions in the world that want to harm and kill Americans for, well just being Americans.

How sincere is Bushs’ efforts to protect the homeland when we have an undefended, inadequately policed, two thousand mile open border? I won’t even get into port security. There are real reports of terrorist training in South America preparing for border incursions and much more. They are even taking hispanic identities to make it easier for them to gain access to us. This is reason enough to halt corporate welfare and illegal immigration cold. Even if there were net benefits to these elements, which there are not.

While I don’t blame Bush for everything wrong with this country, I believe he deserves the blame I place on him for his handling of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration negatively impacts many aspects of our lives so in that regard, Bush deserves criticism for negatively impacting these many aspects.

Now ProudUSC if I may offer you some criticism. You appear to be hung up, as many are, on political party line ideology. You appear to me to be viewing the illegal immigration issue through the two party system. You staunchly defend Bush while taking shots at the the Democrats. In my opinion, this is antiquated thinking, especially in the context of illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration is more class warfare than political warfare. Both parties have ignored the will of the people in wanting our immigration laws enforced and toughened. Both parties are beholden to special interests and big business despite the ill effects to the American people. Both parties refuse to protect the sovereignty of the United States. Both parties advocate for illegal aliens over the American people.

The parties are part of the political elite. The political elite advocate for the business elite. No one is advocating for the American people, Republican or Democrat. The American middle class is the body and soul of the United States of America and it’s being destroyed and eliminated through this class warfare and illegal immigration.

Don’t mistake my disdain for our government as a hatred for my country. On the contrary my friend, it is because I love my country that I accuse my government of the misdeeds they have committed. It is because I love my country that I do all I can to bring the issue of illegal immigration to the forefront of consciousness. It is because I love my country that I am having this electronic discussion with you. I seek change because I love my country.

No my friend the love of my country is, in my opinion above question. It is foremost in my mind. If I didn’t love my country, I would sit idly by, listening to mainstream media propaganda on my ipod, blissfully ignorant to all of the destruction that my country is experiencing at the hands of politicians who do not have the best interests of America and it’s people foremost in their minds.

God Bless America! God Bless the American People!

A healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. Nothing could be more American than this type of dialogue. I thought the discussion shed light on public opinion in the context of illegal immigration. That is why I posted it here.

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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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