Broken Borders, Broken Families, Broken Hearts

12 04 2007

Cross posted from    Common Sense America

Our borders and our national security are a joke. Our elected leaders say the system is broken. It is not broken. Anyone from anywhere can sneak in or get in with a fraudulent visa while our elected officials continue to hide under their desks in Washington. The only thing that seems to be broken in our system is the spine of Congress to enforce the laws we now have on the books. We don’t need new laws. We need leaders that will enforce the laws of this nation.

So, who will protect our families?

ANTIOCH, Calif. – An illegal immigrant arrested in connection with a collision that killed a father of five was drunk and on drugs, and had four previous drunken driving convictions, law officers said.

Jose Pena, 26, was allegedly traveling 90 miles per hour on March 31 when he crossed a double yellow line and hit 33-year-old Kent Boone. He also allegedly had two pounds of crystal methamphetamine in his truck, according to California Highway Patrol officers who later checked Pena’s home and found more drugs.

Our immigration system is not broken but this family is:

Boone’s family, including five children aged 12 to 5, was devastated by his death, and angry at Pena.

“He needs to be in prison. There’s no way they’re going to be able to deport him and keep him out of our country,” said Boone’s widow, Regina Sorisio.

Who will protect our children?

EASTON | An illegal immigrant was arrested Saturday after police said he assaulted a child in the 600 block of Northampton Street.

City police received a report about 4 p.m. that a man was soliciting sex in the area. An investigation led to the arrest of Federico Balbuena, no age or address given.

Who will protect our identities?

BOSTON, Mass., April 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — An illegal alien from the Dominican Republic was sentenced today in federal court for Identity Theft in connection with the theft of an Army Sergeant’s identity.

While our elected officials busily attempt to invent “rights” for people who have illegally entered our nation, they have forgotten the rights and the security of the citizens of America.

An editorial in today’s Washington Times by Ian de Silva, a naturalized American citizen, asks an important question about the illegal alien who was driving drunk and took the lives of two teenage girls last week in Virginia Beach. He asks:

So, here is a question for those in law enforcement who believe that checking a suspect’s immigration status is violating his rights: Was the right of the two girls to live into adulthood a lesser right than the purported right of an illegal alien to be left alone?

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




2 responses

6 03 2009

Im doing research on Illegal immigration, and well, I completely disagree with your article, I feel for the families but immigrants aren’t the only ones that commit crimes in the United States, or kill people. Not all immigrants come to the United States to kill or sell drugs. Don’t get me wrong either, it breaks my heart when illegal immigrants make such poor choices, and they shouldn’t immigrate illegaly, its against the law, but its a lot easier to say that when you are not living in misery and getting residence in the U.S .is far more complicated than people assume. These families are not the only ones being broken, what about the children of the illegal immigrants? they didnt choose to immigrate, yet their parent/s get deported and they have to grow up without a parent, without guidance. What about the children that won’t ever be able to get a decent job? even if they do go to college(without financial aid) and get a degree that degree means NOTHING if they aren’t legal. These children didn’t choose this, and are being deprived of their freedom.

15 04 2007
brenda andujar

I know all to well the pain and suffering a faimly feels. On 12/28/06 my 4yr old grandson and 42yr old brother were struck and killed by an illegal in Tampa,Fl.

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