Firefight in ……….Houston

18 04 2007

Cross posted from    Bear Creek Ledger

Funny how the media is railing about a lone gunman (who also happens to be an immigrant) but neglect to rail about illegal alien drug cartel gangs having gunfights on a major U.S. freeway.  Course there was only 1 killed with several injuries but this was all out war in the middle of the day between two rival MEXICAN gangs on a U.S. freeway.  INVADERS!  Yet, there’s no outcry from the driveby media.

Rolling gunfight on Southwest Freeway kills 1
Several others wounded in possible battle between rival smugglers

At least one man was killed and several were wounded when rival immigrant-smuggling gangs engaged in a noontime gunbattle that started on the Southwest Freeway and ended on the feeder road, police said.snip….About noon, the occupants of two trucks — one carrying at least 10 people — exchanged gunfire while heading northbound on the freeway, Elliott said. The vehicles exited at Bissonnet and ran a red light before one truck crashed into an older model Honda Accord that was not part of the chase.

Elliott said the occupants of the two trucks “then proceeded to get out of their vehicles to have a shootout.”

One man collapsed beneath the overpass, on Bissonnet, apparently from gunshot wounds.

“Not only was he shot, but one of the vehicles that fled the scene ran over him,” Elliott said. That man’s condition was unknown.

One pickup fled north on the feeder road and stopped in a strip center parking lot about one block away. The truck had three flat tires, its passenger windows were shot out and at least five bullet holes riddled the exterior; one man inside was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shopping center includes a Chinese restaurant, Chase Bank branch and the Wiz-Kid Childcare Learning Center. Also nearby is the Star Kids Daycare.

The incident caused a traffic backup that lasted for hours, with officials’ closing off the northbound feeder road and diverting traffic onto Bissonnet.

In the shooting’s aftermath, truck parts and articles of clothing, including a shoe, were strewn along the intersection, and the roadway was stained with blood. Crime scene investigators had taped off the area and marked the location of two bullet casings.

The sound of the outcry is deafening isn’t it?

h/t Lucianne

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