Radical Islam…Coming to a Border Near You

18 04 2007

Cross posted from   Demediacratic Nation

We have often been slandered in the polarized debate by those that disagree with us. I cannot speak for every member of the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration, but I likely would find much agreement within the community.

We’re “anti-immigration,” “anti-immigrant,” “xenophobic,” “racist,” and on and on. My biggest gripe has been with those that want a “comprehensive” reform, which implies that it is thoughtful, humane and all encompassing. This side by side with the more “ignorant” appearing stance of guard the border is looked upon by the elite as pathetically and woefully misguided.

No one, to my admittedly limited knowledge that is a member of the CAII claims this stance as their only offering to the debate. We all, when you get right down to it are interested in a “comprehensive” reform to the system; it is just in the manner and admittedly many of the details that we might disagree.

My big complaint regarding the “comprehensive” route is the fact that it holds the likelihood of allowing out elected elite the opportunity to put in all manner of useless legislation that ultimately negates much of what they actually put in place. This I believe is done in part due to their ignorance, but most likely contains their cynical belief that we are stupid and do not posses the smarts necessary to identify BS as BS. I lean toward a piece by piece approach due to the fact that not much of any worth gets done in DC. Hence my stance enforcement first; then we’ll look further down the road

I know, you know and they know that anything but that would likely fall by the wayside. Which is the likeliest reason so many politicos are against enforcing the border, then verifying improvement before other parts of reform; like a “guest worker program,” were put into place. No real loud gripes from me on the guest worker option, but the logic of one prior to actually controlling the entrance make sense. How on earth we could say this number entered or didn’t when we’re only counting that which we can; the legal entries. Doesn’t sound like a winning formula to me.

How about this odd suggestion? Try enforcing the laws as they exist now prior to reforming anything. When one considers that such programs as “Operation Vanguard” in Kansas a number of years ago, which was proving fruitful, are hampered by our politicians because they are working and are affecting their some of their constituencies bottom line; they stomp on it and stop the operation, rather than addressing what the operation reveals.

As much as those that want a fence at the border are shouted down as ignorant rubes, especially when terrorism is uttered, one must seriously consider this possibility. Facts surrounding those that committed the atrocity of 9/11 speak volumes to some, of the stupidity of those that say terrorists could enter the country illegally. But then again, whoever thought 9/11 would happen?

I bring this small piece of the debate up today because of an article I had the extreme displeasure of reading this morning at Council for Security Policy. I used this article as part of a post I did on Iran this morning “Iran- Equal Opportunity Tehrrorist Regime – Sunni, Shia, Taliban, Latin America.” But fully intended to post about what is going on south of our border in plain view and how this makes border enforcement all the more important today. Will any of the mainstream media pick up on this? Not likely, but here is the gist.

Hugo Chavez, the elected dictator of Venezuela supports Iran’s quest for “peaceful nukes.” Hugo Chavez supports and has ties with growing grass roots populist groups and radicals like Hezbollah Venezuela, Hezbollah Argentina and Quebracho.

According to the article “Latin America’s radical grassroots:”


Hezbollah Argentina works with the Islamic Association of Argentina (AIA), which has links to Hezbollah and to the government of Iran. AIA consists mainly of Shiite converts to Islam who cooperate closely with the Iranian Embassy. The organization’s website celebrates the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, condemns the United Nations Security Council resolution that calls for sanctions against Iran, and is violently critical of Israel and the West.”


Quebracho, “whose official name is the Patriotic Revolutionary Movement (MPR), touts an ideology based on toxic anti-capitalism and “anti-imperialism.” Their angst and anger are directed at the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the United States, Japan, Israel, and Argentineans who are linked to these countries or organizations.”

They’re a nasty bunch and though our nation does not border any Middle Eastern countries that contain radical Islamists it doesn’t have to when they can come to us. Read the rest of the article at Center for Security Policy.

Do we have to wait for something to happen due to our lax security not only in the country but at our borders before something is actually done? Or do we have to wait on the continued political games that are played only to arrive at zero accomplishment but a successful election? It’s there for all to see, if one chooses to look at it.

Elsewhere from members of the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration:

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.**




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