Environmental Destruction on the Border

23 04 2007

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Well….Sunday is Earth Day. Personally Stik likes Earth Day but for different reasons than most folks. This is an update of an old article I posted a year ago…..Guess what? Nothing has changed. If anything, Washington’s unwillingness to enforce our laws or pass meaningful immigration legislation has made these issues worse.

The Earth is more resilient than a lot of folks will give her credit for.
It is also important that we not take her for granted. We should and must protect her from flagrant abuse where we can. Extremism in either direction is foolish, and simply evokes an equal and opposite reaction from the other perspective.
Much of the current Global Warming proponents are on the bandwagon for political reasons and of course money. The hypocrisy and sloppy science of many folks claiming to be stewards of the planet merits their condemnation…..at the very least we get to lampoon ‘em.

Carbon credits……BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!……..what a scam!…
But that’s for another post.

DOUGLAS, Arizona (Reuters) – A plan to fence off a third of the U.S. border to stop illegal immigration from Mexico may harm migration routes used by animals including rare birds and jaguars, environmentalists and U.S. authorities warn. Environmentalists and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wardens say the barrier would disrupt the migration of scores of species from jaguars to hawks and humming birds along a wildlife corridor linking northern Mexico and the U.S. southwest known as the “Sky Islands.”

“Bisecting the area with an impermeable barrier such as a double reinforced wall or fence could really have a devastating effect on these species,” said Matt Skroch, a wildlife biologist and executive director of the environmental non-profit group Sky Island Alliance in Tucson, Arizona.

SO……..The tree huggers jump into the fray. If I sound sarcastic I don’t mean to be….they make a point I can agree with.
Can we protect our borders and at the same time promote environmental stewardship to maintain the beautiful biodiversity of this part of the country?

NOT with any current plan the administration or Congress is considering.

Stik has lived in the Southwest. There are few places that give a person the perspective that the desert does. There is a serenity here that is both spiritual and humbling. It is an awe inspiring part of our national heritage.
We used to ride out into the desert and camp. I remember laughing at the warning to check my boots before I put them on in the morning….till I tapped a scorpion out of them. Back then it was easy to just head out, find a great spot, and spend a couple of days. The worst thing you might run into was a scorpion. Not so today.
Go to the Sky Island Alliance site. These folks aren’t tree hugging wackos. They are normal folks like you and me. Scientists and citizen environmentalists who have a love and reverence for this part of our country.
If you read what they say you might empathize with ‘em. Their perspective is what it should be…..they want to keep this part of our country as undamaged as possible.

Well stik can agree with that….and if you read most of their articles, you will find theirs is a refreshingly non politized assessment of the issue at hand.

AS MUCH AS THEY DON’T WANT A WALL,(and they don’t) THEY SEE PRESENT PIECEMEAL IMMIGRATION POLICY AS WORSE. Their view of comprehensive immigration policy is to provide ordered and secure border crossing points….that will minimize damage to the environment. That’s it for the most part.

They see the present policy of putting up bits and pieces of unpenetratable barrier as forcing the millions of people who cross our borders illegally, into smaller crossing points. This is causing tremendous damage to the ecosystems in these places.


Our current border barrier plan assumes, if you fence the easy places to cross, fewer illegal immigrants will attempt to cross at the more remote, less accessable (unfenced) areas.

The BIG BUT is……….

Illegal Immigration is NOT slowing down. It is increasing every year. Imagine the 1 million illegals crossing our borders every year squeezed into crossing at fewer more remote therefore more pristene, sections of our border. The damage to the biosystems and environments of these areas will be horrible. Already this is evident.


Is there an answer?…….WELL…….. YES!…..but it is the one thing our representatives are NOT ADDRESSING….

Meaningful Penalties for these businesses are conveniently left out of almost all border security legislation. Granting amnesty in any form will simply encourage millions more to trash the Southwest.

Stik SEZ…..Protecting our borders is something we have to do….being stewards of the incredible Sky Islands is..well…a moral obligation too….but I’ll tell ya…..Till you start seeing business owners who enable and encourage illegal immigration hauled off in handcuffs too, citizens and hummingbirds alike don’t stand a chance.

If Al Gore really wanted to do something meaningful he should quit selling himself fake carbon credits and send a nice donation to the Sky Island Alliance……Hey Al….It’s still tax deductable.

A few others who would ask for meaningful legislation:

The Peoples Patriot…Solving the Illegal Immigration Dilemma.
Common Sense America – The Land of the Free

GA Crime Watch – United States vs. Vargas

The Undocumented Blogger – Facts About Illegal Immigrants?

Illegal Aliens Must Go! – If Illegal Aliens Were a Separate U.S. State
Right Truth….America and Australia swapping asylum seekers.
My Country My View….Enough Already!

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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