Tn Senate passes ‘Employer Responsibility in Hiring Practices Act’

23 04 2007

 Cross posted from    Bear Creek Ledger

Tn Senate Bill 1870 by Sen. Jack Johnson would be a significant step forward in demagnitizing Tn from illegal aliens.

April 20th:

Known as the “Employer Responsibility in Hiring Practices Act”, the bill requires employers to use the Employment Eligibility Verification Basic Pilot Program to ensure that new hires are eligible to legally work in the United States.The program is a web-based system that is operated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“We are the first state in the nation to require that all employers use the Employment Eligibility Verification Program,” stated Sen. Johnson. “State government must be proactive in providing employers the tools they need to comply with federal immigration laws.”

Under the provisions of the bill, there will be no cost to the employers. If the employer does not have Internet access, they may contact the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development by telephone, mail, or facsimile to verify the employee’s employment eligibility.

Of course the chances of this becoming law are about nil to zilch since the Dhimmicrat controlled House and the Dhimmicrat Governor Bredesen will never approve the bill. At least the Republican Senate is showing Tennesseans what could happen if Republicans could wrestle control from King Jimmy Naifeh.

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9 09 2008
Felix Ruiz

fuck the u.s. way of thinking is people like you that make this world divide instead of unifying dont you get it i thought you where smart the world is a living hell we need to fix this

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