Exempt Spanish-speaking from Border Security, Immigration Laws?

26 04 2007

Cross posted from    Illegal Aliens Must Go

By John W. Lillpop

In a February, 2006 USATODAY commentary about illegal immigration (see link below), Marisa Trevino writes “…to date, no Spanish-speaking illegal immigrant has been jailed for being a terrorist.

Although her point is somewhat vague, Trevino seems to be saying, “Spanish-speaking illegal immigrants are not from the middle east, and are, therefore not terrorist threats.”

A defense based on reverse profiling, if you will. Not unlike some of the inane arguments made by our clueless president!

However, after 9/11, it is simply not in the best interests of America to allow anyone who wishes to invade America to do so, even if they are Spanish-speaking.

Why are people like Trevino unable, or unwilling, to accept that the fact that the US is a sovereign nation whose borders and immigration laws must be respected, even by Spanish-speaking folks, especially when America is at war?

Is this Hispanic racism?

Trevino goes on to question why Americans should fear illegal immigrants ” whose sole intent is to improve their quality of life?”

Of course, the obvious answer is that until an individual has undergone a background check and all of the procedures attendant to LEGAL immigration, “sole intent” is completely unknown.

Even if the individual happens to be Spanish-speaking.

Further, unlawful invaders wreak havoc upon America’s educational, health care and other vital institutions. Hospitals and medical clinics have been forced to close because they are required to serve those who have no health insurance or the means to pay for services received.

State governments are forced to turn to the federal government (US taxpayers) to meet the soaring costs associated with incarcerating illegal immigrants.

By the way of apt analogy, bank robbers (those engaged in undocumented withdrawals if you prefer) steal from others solely to improve the quality of their lives.

Intent is irrelevant: Crime is crime, and unlawful migrants cost US taxpayers scores of billions each year.

America is the most prosperous and advanced society in human history, whereas illegal immigrants crossing our southern border are mostly from third-world countries. Unlawful migrants must not be permitted to drag America into the abyss of third-world existence.

In order to prevail in the War on Terror, America must recognize that the war starts at the US-Mexico border. Secure borders, rigid enforcement of immigration laws, including deportation of illegal immigrants already here, are essential.

Regardless of how inconvenient that may be to the Spanish-speaking.


This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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