Americans Spurned for Family Planning

30 04 2007

Cross posted from The Peoples Patriot

The two income family epitomizes the decline in the American Standard of Living.Having grown up in the seventies, I witnessed first hand, the birth and prevalence of the two income family. The two income family phenomenon arguably and most prominently symbolizes the decline of the American standard of living. The effects of which are so far reaching that I will have to address them in another post.

With the advent of the two income family, came the demise of the large American family unit. It is a rarity today to come across families that consist of four, five, six or more children. My wife and I have just one child and judging from the relatively high number of “only child” friends my pre-teen daughter has, the “one child” family is fairly common today.

My generation was indoctrinated, through educational and social programs, to procreate responsibly. To this end, abortion was legalized and birth control was pushed like M & M’s at an eight year olds birthday party.

We were bombarded with messages like “out of wedlock births and lack of family planning” would lead to a lifetime of low income opportunities and poverty. Not heeding these warnings would lead to even fewer economic opportunities for our offspring. Which is counter to the cornerstone of American culture that dictates parents must create a better life for their children than the parents themselves have enjoyed.

American families unrewarded for prudent family planning.Americans love large families. We want large families. However, we don’t want to jeopardize the futures of our children by irresponsibly procreating. So for the sake of personal and social responsibility, we have downsized the family unit to the extent that we can effectively support them. The indoctrination has been successful. Mission accomplished!

American adults and families have met the objective of responsible family planning. Logic dictates, that for making the sacrifice of not having families too large to support, the rewards should follow. There is a rational expectation of future economic and social security on the parts of American families. Their children’s futures, the ones they so carefully planned on parenting, should be more secure with better educational and occupational opportunities.

A mature and wiser democratic republic should reap the benefits of controlling population growth. Such benefits would include the luxury of unstrained environmental and natural resources. Commodities should be readily available and affordable. Government and municipal resources, including the infrastructure and government services should be top notch in quality and economically manageable. All of these things are due families in exchange for responsible family planning and population growth. The American family has done its part and now its the governments turn.

American families unrewarded for prudent family planning.Families of America I hate to break it to you but the government is putting the screws to us. They have no intention of giving America what it deserves and they never did. I base these statements on our governments actions with regard to the well being of American families.

While we were practicing birth control and responsible family planning, the government has allowed 30 million uneducated, low skilled and very fertile replacements for the children we didn’t have. Had we thrown caution to the wind and fornicated with wild and reckless abandon, we could not have come up with a worse alternative. But don’t worry, the government issued shellacking gets worse.

These replacements, thirty million strong, for the children we didn’t have, are from foreign countries. They are here in violation of the laws designed to protect American families. Not only that, but these family substitutes are very needy. They have little education. They don’t speak our language. They have few skills. They come here with no money so they can’t or won’t adequately support themselves.

This is the government’s importation of a mini society completely contrary to what we were seeking through responsible reproduction. They essentially undid everything the American family has accomplished. And it gets worse.

Being that this substitute society is so needy, they use the social safety net designed and paid for by American citizens. Even though these people are here illegally, our government gives them permission to use the services that are supposed to be for the benefit of Americans. After all, they are paid for by American citizens. The net effect of this flawed policy is that these resources are strained and unavailable to Americans and the costs to Americans have skyrocketed. So having less is costing families more in the way of higher taxes.

Schools are overcrowded and resources are strained and expensive. Health care is unaffordable to a large section of the American citizenry. It’s quality and access is questionable. Our quality of life has been degraded with high crime rates and over crowded and expensive prisons. Housing prices are out of control. Gridlock on the highways is a way of life. Jobs are scarce for too many Americans expecting a fair wage for a days work. Those that have jobs are seeing their wages shrink because there are 30 million illegal substitutes ready to work for less.

The economic rewards of a small family are squandered on illegal aliens.When people sacrifice, act prudently and responsibly, logic dictates that rewards are due and expected. We as a society have successfully controlled population growth and this is how our government rewards us. The government is far from rewarding American families, they are instead punishing them for their good deeds.

The ultimate slap in the face however is the reason that our government gives us for committing these grave injustices. Our politicians are beholden to special interest groups and businesses, so naturally it is for the benefit of these concerns that they execute these crimes against the people and families of the United States.

The reason given is that U.S. population growth has slowed to the point where it cannot meet the labor demands of some businesses. Apparently, our government has bought into the racist rhetoric of the most hateful open borders lobby in existence, La Raza. La Raza means “the race” and here is what one of its founders has to say about the U.S. population trend.

We have an aging white America…, They are dying…, They are shitting their pants with fear…, I love it…

These are the words of Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, founder of the “The Race”. Our government’s justification for committing the crime of allowing illegal immigration is American families have been prudent and responsible by limiting their families to sizes they can afford to support. Thank you American families for your efforts but we are going to give the rewards you earned to 30 million illegal aliens.

My generation will never have their child bearing years back. The opportunity to have large families is forever gone. I use Don McLean’s words from his song American Pie to describe our plight. We are, in essence, “a generation lost in space with no time left to start again”.

The children American familes didn't have are replaced by a substitute illegal population.Worse than this though is that our reward for personal sacrifice and responsibility is the importation of a substitute society. One that we are forced to pay for. A substitute society that is inferior to the society that would have been created if we hadn’t been responsible in our family planning. The importation of an uneducated, low skill, highly fertile and needy substitute society that will one day replace the American middle class.

To use McLean’s words once more, “I drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry”.

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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