May Day Message To Illegal Aliens; Other Criminals

30 04 2007

Cross posted from Illegal Aliens Must Go

By John W. Lillpop

Illegal Aliens and Other Common Criminals:

In case you skipped civics class in order to protest on the streets of Los Angeles recently, you need to understand this: The United States is a sovereign nation operating in accordance with the rule of law.

No one—-be it a Ph.D. Chemist or a toilet bowl cleaner— has the right to come into the U.S. based on that individual’s unilateral decision to do so.

U.S. borders & immigration laws govern access to America and must be complied with.

End of debate. Period. Done. Nada.

People who illegally cross our borders are outlaws, regardless of their purpose for invading.

An apt analogy may help you understand: Bank robbers (those engaged in undocumented withdrawals, if you prefer) commit their crimes only in pursuit of a better life.

But stealing from others to gain a better life is not only unlawful, it is un-American!

Illegal aliens are really no better than citizens who rob banks, except for this: Illegals have no legal, spiritual or logical basis for being in the US.

They are unwelcome here, and should be deported en masse. N

In fact, the U.S. should adopt policies employed by Mexico for dealing with illegal immigrants.

In Mexico, they do not reward illegals with in-state tuition, driver’s licenses, and other foolishness.

No! In Mexico, the government simply jails illegals and deports them ASAP!

Maybe we can learn something from our third-world neighbors to the south after all?

Finally, thank your protest last year. It helps our cause when American citizens can see a million illegal immigrants marching to protest rule of law.

Do it again and again, please!

And be sure to bring a few dozen Mexican flags—–that really helps U.S. citizens understand the urgency of closing our borders and deporting illegal aliens!

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




5 responses

13 10 2008

Wow, as millitant and nationalistic as this blog is, there seems to be one vein of truth in the articles. Injustice. Instead of essentially complaining about the status quo, and veinly advocating irrationalities, what you could think about doing is discussing the reasons that many of migrants come to the US in the first place.
Don’t you think that it must take serious need for people to take such a drastic action as to leave their homes and homelands. After all would most of the middle class in the States pick up and leave? No, because most of those people are, if decreasingly, at least content.
So in order to leave one’s homeland, things have to get pretty seriously bad, right? Look at Europe in the 1820’s to 40’s and again a century later; famine, revolutions and wars. Pretty bad eh. Why did most of the people who constitute the middle class came from that stock.
Regardless of whether or not you approve of foreigners based on a prejudice against their spacific race, it is undeniable that many of the same contitions that caused the mass transatlantic immigration to North America are now present in Central and South American.
Here’s the kicker: Ironically it is American policies like NAFTA and CAFTA that- very directly- cause those poor economic conditions. Take as an example the fact that Bolivia was coerced signed into law, as a condition for financial aid after an economic collapse, laws that keep import tarrifs at 10%, so the US can flood its markes with cheap goods at prices Bolivian manufacturers can’t beat. Leaving that country with a trade deficit in the hundreds of millions of dollars, that Evo Morales is just now beginning to fix. Similar events occured in Central American countries after recent hurricanes. Is there any doubt that the poor citizens of such exploited countries would want to seek a better life? The most obvious destination just happens to be the United States, where else?
As if that were not enough, many people who tend to support such free trade agreements, tend to also be the very same people who viamently oppose the illegal immigration you speak of here. I realize that the last sentance may appear to be a generalization, but an analysis of conservative party policies reveals support for “free trade,” seperatly, but at the same time as, stroner restrictions on immigration.
Despite recent conciliation from both parties on this subject, in order to court the votes of various constituencies, clearly many people support stronger policies on immigration.
So maybe you can answer a question for me, why is it that so many people continue to support a party that they inherently feel, sells them out x4? First: By creating such economic destruction abroad as to leave many poor emigrants with no other choice than to come to a place where, in many places, they clearly have all the reasons in the world to feel much less than welcome, however unjust that may be.
Second: By being clearly deficent at enforcing immigration restrictions in the first place.
Third: By “bending” and changing their original “values” and courting votes from groups to which immigration is a sensitive issue, ie. “Pathway to citizenship.”
Fourth: By being clearly deficient at assimilating imigrant groups into American culture even though they seem to turn a blind eye towards illeagal immigration. Of course, maybe those two things are not mutually exclusive.
So why get all worked up in a racist rant about “getting all those immigrants out,” when what you could be doing is refocusing your resources to send a more meaningful message, advocating the elimination of the causes, of the illegal immigration you so obviously oppose, thus, essentially promoting a beter life for all?

11 01 2008

Excuse me!!!!!!! i could give a rats ass what all u sorry mother fuckers have to say. we are all imigrants in this motherfucker “just in case you skiped” HISTORY CLASS you idiots this land was the indians you ding dongs!!! it was christopher columbus who imigrated here in the first place….its so easy to sit in front of a computer and just type away….my high respescts to those who march the streets to try to make a difference .. not to all you dumm asses that “sit an youre butts” the hole damm day thinking of stupid blogs to type while a “maria” o a “guadalupe” is cleaning your house or raising your kids.. or maybe “juan” or “miguel” that are outside hand picking your vegetables and your fruits.. you sorry motherfuckers….sorry excuse for a damm american…I am a socialworker in the county of los angeles and i will say that the highest % of lazy dumm people on the welfare system are americans…..dumm asses..

12 06 2007

Hey PQK –

I don’t care if you are from Mexico, Columbia, or the moon………. if you come here illegally you are a criminal!! It is not your right to come to this country, and the b.s. that “whose ONLY fault is having been born on the wrong side of the border,” is completely wrong. Their FAULT was coming into this country illegally, and they should be SHOT at the border, instead of being DEPORTED once in this country!!

When are you going to realize that the U.S. can not take everyone in the world that wants to come here? The U.S. has over 300,000,000 (300 million) people in this country, and Mexico only has 120,000,000 (120 million), so why is Mexico so poor? Because their government is corrupt and doesn’t care if their citizens die in our desert trying to sneak in! Mexico should take care of their own, instead of demanding that the U.S. takes care of their poor and sick!!

We have enough poor and sick people from your region in this country already, what we need are not more of them coming into our country but far less! And the U.S. (us) has the right to say who can and cannot come into this country not you or anyone else from Mexico, Central, or South America!! Your arrogance and stupidity astounds me, who do you think you are??

9 06 2007

My comment is for the original blogger. AMEN to that. We are the land of the Free (but that is for legal citizens) not to be confused with, “come on over everyone, have a beer and bring your crime, illegal drugs, non english-speaking family and let us work and pay for you with our tax dollars”! Allow me to clarify something. I am not a racist nor do I not welcome diversity. I am a proud American that believes there is absolutely nothing wrong with the USA as a nation saying, sure, come on over, here -is how you APPLY, you also need to learn English in order to get employment (that is why you came isn’t it?)
-Also, English is the official language of this country. Without it, you will not be able to function because we are not going to change around you just because you came here. That doesn’t mean you don’t still get the guest towels in the bathroom, but you just have to do things LEGALLY.
-We suggest until you learn enough english you stay where you are instead of coming here so that you will be able to work and not just immediately obtain SS or Medicaid/Welfare benefits that LEGAl citizens pay for you to have by working 8 or more hours a day, affecting OUR family lives while you sit on your butt, not even attempting to learn english with all that spare time. Besides, we have enough of our own american citizens that abuse the welfare system.
– I close by saying I really do embrace diversity. I am studying up on my conversational Spanish because I think the language is beautiful. Then I want to do Italian, after that , who knows.
Diversity is fine with me, but follow our legal (when determined) process. If caught being here not legally REGARDLESS of whether you commit a crime, you go home and if you commit a crime here while illegal , we hold you and send the bill to your country. it’s only fair. BTW-Love the bank robbery scenario, gotta remember to use that one next debate I get into. -Remember our Troops regardless of what you think of the war……God Bless America

1 05 2007

Why don’t you go back to Poland or England or wherever it is you came from? Oh, that’s right, you don’t want to because you’re perfectly happy living the comfortable life you now lead here in the States. My suggestion is to find something else to do instead of trampling on the hopes and dreams of people whose ONLY fault is having been born on the wrong side of the border, and taking the initiative to obtain what you take for granted.

And if you’re not of Polish or British ancestry, excuse me. Excuse me for making that irrational assumption that you’re from one of two countries in ALL of Europe. In case that analogy went over your head, let me clarify: not all immigrants are from Mexico. I happen to be from Columbia, where I would probably be dead if the likes of you had had your way.

End of debate. Period. Done. Es todo (not “nada”!).

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