Border Patrol Applicants needed…..Get invloved in law enforcement…..(as a defendant)

1 05 2007

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The president at the Border Last Week:

” The Border Patrol is really an important agency. I know some people are
wondering whether or not it makes sense to join the Border Patrol. My
answer is, I’ve gotten to know the Border Patrol, I know the people serving
in this fine agency — I would strongly urge our fellow citizens to take a
look at this profession. You’re outdoors, you’re working with good people,
and you’re making a solid contribution to the United States of America. And
I want to thank you all for wearing the uniform and doing the tough work
necessary, the work that the American people expect you to do.”

Border Patrol Applicants needed…..Benefits Include…

1) Low Pay Grade…..Long Hours.
2) High potential of injury or death.
2) Enjoy working in a totally politicized environment.
3) Good opportunity to become involved in the legal system.
4) High probability of long term incarceration.
5) Get to know Johnny Sutton on a first name basis.
Other Benefits include:

  • Full force of the Justice Department working against you…..
  • Enjoy an adversarial relationship with Federal Prosecutors…..
  • Regular performance reviews by the Mexican Government….
  • Gain valuable courtroom experience from the Defendant’s perspective….
  • Get to know local drug smugglers who will be testifying against you….
  • Learn the first names of all the ACLU lawyers in your district….
  • See how far your kid’s college funds can go against your legal fees



    (Parenthesis added in the Stiknstein revised edition)

    Border Patrol Agent Series includes positions involved in enforcement work concerned with
    (1) (NOT)detecting and (OR)preventing the smuggling or illegal entry of aliens into the United States;(UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE CHARGES BROUGHT UP AGAINST YOU)
    (2) detecting and apprehending aliens in violation of the conditions under which they were admitted; (SO THAT THEY MAY BE RELEASED 6-10 TIMES BEFORE EVENTUALLY DEPORTED)
    (3) detecting and apprehending aliens at interior points in the United States who entered illegally; (EXCEPT IN SANCTUARY CITIES WILLFULLY VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW…OR ARE IN A CHURCH…OR A HOME DEPOT PARKING LOT…OR A CONVENIENCE STORE PARKING LOT…OR HAVE BROUGHT THEIR KIDS ALONG …OR ARE DRIVING DRUNK…(see appendix for the other 12,000 exceptions.)
    (4) detecting and apprehending aliens falsely claiming United States citizenship or legal status;( UNLESS THEY WORK FOR A BUSINESS WARNED BY THE GOVERNMENT ABOUT A RAID)
    (5) detecting and apprehending producers, vendors and users of counterfeit, altered and genuine documents used to circumvent the immigration and nationality laws of the United States;(EXCEPT IF THEY WORK FOR ANY BUSINESS SUPPORTED BY THE U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE)
    border watch.jpg

    (6) enforcing criminal provisions of the immigration and nationality laws and regulations of the United States. (UNLESS YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT….OR THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES) Such work requires knowledge and understanding of the statutes, regulations, instructions and precedent decisions pertaining to the enforcement of the immigration and nationality laws, (UNLESS YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT….OR THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES)…ability to evaluate information rapidly, make timely decisions and take prompt and appropriate actions, (UNLESS YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT….OR THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES) and the ability to use effectively basic investigative and law enforcement procedures to enforce the immigration and nationality laws and other laws which the Border Patrol Agent may be called upon to enforce or assist in enforcing.(UNLESS YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT….OR THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES)


    The President continued….(more or less)
    “Last May, (AFTER WE PUT RAMOS AND COMPEAN IN JAIL) I visited this section of the border, and it was then that I talked about the need for our government to give you (LONGER SENTENCES) the manpower and
    resources you (OUR FEDERAL PROSECUTORS ) need to do your (THEIR) job. We were understaffed here. We weren’t using enough technology (INTIMIDATION) to enable those who work here to be able to (CLEARLY UNDERSTAND) do the
    job the American people
    (WHAT THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT) expects. I returned to check on the progress, to make sure that the check wasn’t in the mail — it, (THEY) in fact, (HAVE ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED EVEN MORE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, AND THESE AGENTS )had been delivered.(TO FEDERAL PRISONS AROUND THE COUNTRY.)”

    Securing the border( INTIMIDATING BORDER AGENTS ) is a critical part of a strategy for comprehensive immigration reform. It is an important part of a reform that is necessary so that the Border Patrol agents down here (WILL BE TOO SCARED )can (TO) do their job more effectively.
    I hope by now the American people understand the (BIG BUSINESSES) need for comprehensive
    immigration reform is a clear need. Illegal immigration is a serious problem – –
    ( heh…heh) you know it better than anybody. It puts pressure on the public schools and the hospitals,(BUT THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM) not only here in our border states, but states around the country. It drains the state and local budgets.(BUT WE DON’T REALLY CARE) I was talking to the governor about how it strained the budgets.(PRETENDING I GIVE A HOOT) Incarceration of criminals who are here illegally strains the Arizona budget.(SO WHAT) But there’s a lot of other ways it strains the local and state budgets. It brings crime to our
    communities.(SO DEAL WITH IT)
    It’s a problem and we need to address it aggressively.(HEH HEH) This problem has been growing for decades, and past efforts to address it have failed.(BECAUSE WE WON’T ENFORCE OUR LAWS) These failures helped create a perception that America was not serious about enforcing our immigration laws and that they could be broken without
    consequence. (WHICH IS, OF COURSE, WHAT WE WANT) Past efforts at reform did not do enough to secure our nation’s borders. (WHICH IS, OF COURSE, HOW WE’VE PLANNED IT) As a result, many people have been able to sneak into this country.
    If you don’t man your borders and don’t protect your borders, people
    are going to sneak in, and that’s what’s been happening for a long time.
    Past efforts at reform failed to address the underlying economic reasons
    behind illegal immigration.(CHEAP LABOR) People (ILLEGAL ALIENS) will make great sacrifices to get into this country (TO UNDERMINE YOUR WAGES) find jobs, (STEAL YOUR IDENTITY) and provide for their families (BACK IN MEXICO).

    (OUR) Past efforts at reform also (INTENTIONALLY) failed to provide sensible ways for
    employers to verify the legal status of the workers they hire. It’s against
    the law to knowingly hire an illegal alien (SO CONGRESS HAS PROVIDED THE NECESSARILY LOOPHOLES). And as a result, because they
    couldn’t verify the legal status, it was difficult (UNNECESSARY) for employers to comply.
    It was difficult (EASY) for the government to enforce (IGNORE) the law at the work site.

    We’ve worked with our nation’s governors to deploy 6,000 National Guard
    members to provide the Border Patrol with (PAPER SHUFFLERS AND POST HOLE DIGGERS) immediate reinforcements. In other words, it takes time to train the Border Patrol, (TO JOIN OUR INMATE POPULATION) and until they’re fully trained, ( MOSTLY INCARCERATED) we’ve asked the Guard to come down. It’s called (A DOG AND PONY SHOW) Operation Jump Start, and the Guard down here is serving nobly.

    We’ve expedited the legal process to cut the average deportation time. (FROM NEVER TO PRETTY MUCH NEVER) Now, these are non-Mexican illegal aliens that we’ve caught trying to sneak into our country. We’re making it clear to foreign governments that they must accept back their citizens (EXCEPT THOSE) who violate our immigration laws. I said we’re going to
    effectively end catch and release, (WITH AMNESTY) and we have (ARE ABOUT TO). And I appreciate your hard work in doing that.”


    “It’s important that we address this issue in good faith. And it’s
    important for people to listen to everybody’s positions.(ESPECIALLY MEXICO’S) It’s important for (ILLEGAL FELONS) people not to give up, no matter how hard it looks from a legislative
    perspective. It’s important that we get a (AMNESTY) bill done. We deserve a system
    that (UN)secures our borders, and (DIS)honors our proud history as a nation of
    (LEGAL) immigrants.”


    This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

    If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

    Coalition Against Illegal Immigration…..Add BP Agent Gary Brugman to Sutton’s list.
    Bear Creek Ledger…..Another BP Agent Charged with murder.
    No Amnesty…GOT IT?….Latest on Bush/Kennedy amnesty efforts.
    Right Truth…..Deportation of illegal aliens, pros and “cons”
    The Peoples Patriot…. Americans Spurned for Family Planning.
    Faultlines USA….Illegal Immigration March Slogan Revisions.
    Illegal Aliens Must Go….May Day Message To Illegal Aliens & Other Criminals.




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