A Happy Anniversary and Enforcement Works!

2 05 2007

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One year of measurable progress in the fight against illegal immigration.I made it through May Day 2007! I have to admit, I was preparing for a day of being agitated if not totally enraged. What a difference a year makes. It’s my one year anniversary as an “official” immigration law enforcement advocate. I can safely say things have changed for the better in the course of the last year.

May Day 2006 pushed me to the point of dedicating myself to re-establishing the rule of law and taking control of the immigration dilemma. I knew we were at the breaking point when literally hundreds of thousands of illegal alien advocates flooded streets in cites across the country.

They admonished us in their home languages. They carried the flags of their home country while desecrating ours. They made demands while breaking our laws with impunity. It was symbolic of the invasion that is taking place.

I was disturbed to the point of having to do something about the problem. I decided to research the subject and did so vigorously. The more I learned the more I realized we were faced with an issue that would define the very future of our country. At the time it seemed like no one cared about illegal immigration. Maybe no one did.

I learned a lot in the last year. I learned about our politicians and how “owned” they are by business and special interest lobbies. Neither party is looking out for their constituencies. It is all a power and money grab.

The incredible bias of the MSM was revealed to me. I always knew they were biased but I couldn’t believe the extent that they were.

I couldn’t believe the immigration legislation that our political leaders were and are proposing. How blatantly anti middle class it and the political environment is. It was incredible to see our political leaders coddling and advocating for non Americans at the expense of American citizens. Their acts obviously and shamelessly treasonous.

A year ago, I like many Americans, was overwhelmed by the scope and depth of the illegal immigration problem. I was confused and unsure of what to do about it. I felt powerless and alone while my country was being invaded by 30 million foreigners.

My patriot brothers and sisters have made significant progress in the past year. We are organized and for the most part, speak with one voice that is increasingly difficult for our political leaders to ignore. Our numbers are growing daily. I receive several requests per week to be added to our “stay informed” list. Not bad considering we are small and local organization.

The past year as brought us the following accomplishments.

  • First and foremost we have let politicians at every level know that the majority of Americans are against illegal immigration and that we will no longer tolerate it.
  • We have let Washington know that we will not accept amnesty no matter what they call it.
  • We have insisted upon and are starting to get the level of immigration law enforcement that we deserve and need so desperately.
  • We are organized and we are growing in numbers everyday as our message reaches the public. For too long the public has been kept in the dark by the mainstream media and our politician’s obfuscation on the issue. With the help of the internet, we are over coming this enormous obstacle.
  • We have neutralized the race card by showing it’s inappropriate use as related to the issue. Sure its still used, but today it is a symbol of having no rational argument in support of the pro illegal position.
  • We have several Presidential candidates running on the issue.
  • There is anti illegal immigration legislation or pending legislation in over 70 municipalities across the nation. More municipalities are likely follow suit when activist judges step aside and rule within the Constitution.
  • More anti illegal immigration legislation is coming and being approved, such as the legislation going to the governor of Oklahoma’s desk.
  • It is being proven that immigration law enforcement works. Illegal aliens are intimidated, as any criminal should be, due to the prospect of being caught and prosecuted. The more raids the better these results.
  • Illegal immigration is not only on the radar but has emerged as the most important domestic issue faced by the country.
  • We are cracking the wall of silence in the mainstream media. The likes of Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and my main man, Lou Dobbs picking up and running with the issue.
  • Massive negative attention is paid to treasonous and criminal politicians insisting on sanctuary policies. Corrupt and anti American politicians like Gavin Newsom, the Mayor of Virginia beach, Meyera Oberndorf and sanctuary communities across the country have been outed and are held in disdain.

These are just some of the areas my fellow patriots have made significant and measurable progress. I am sure I over look some as I write this.

Much to my surprise and benefit, May Day 2007 came and went without being enraged or even discouraged. On the contrary, I am reinvigorated by the notable progress we are making in fighting the injustice of illegal immigration.

Granted we have a long way to go. However it is important to take stock of our accomplishments and build upon them. Our foreheads may be black and blue but the wall we strike with them is showing wear and cracks.

Yesterday was my anniversary as a freedom fighter for the American middle class. What nicer anniversary gift than the apparent weakening of the pro illegal alien movement as evidenced by their decimated turn out.

I also received another gift yesterday. This gift is the low turn out, in and of itself, proves that law enforcement works. Many illegal alien advocates were intimidated by the recent ICE raids and decided not to turn out for the protests. If enforcement works in this context, no doubt that it will ultimately work in getting illegal aliens to leave the country. We just need more it, lots more.

Fellow patriots, be proud and feel good about our accomplishments. At least for a day.

Yes May 1, 2007 was my anniversary. It was a happy one at that.

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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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