Just enforce the immigration laws

2 05 2007

Cross posted from    Right Truth

Illegal aliens took to the streets again, but things were different this year. The number of illegals marching was much lower than in 2006. One reason could be that immigration officials decided to attend some the marches this year and arrest some of the illegals. What a concept! If we had thousands of pedophiles (or murders, or rapists) marching in the streets, wouldn’t our law enforcement folks make the effort to go out and arrest them? What’s the difference?

The difference is that law enforcement officials have been made to look like evil incarnate. Oh my goodness, they are breaking up loving families! They’re going after people for no good reason. Please. Whatever happened to common sense and enforcing American laws? Why is that such a difficult concept? (Excuse me while I pound my head against a brick wall.)

Federal immigration authorities, who are merely enforcing U.S. immigration laws, are being made out to be villains. Never mind that it was the parents’ illegal actions that put their families at risk!The steady media drumbeat supporting multiculturalism and celebrating diversity has worn down many opponents of illegal immigration. Being labeled as xenophobic and even racist has cowed many into submission. [snip]

The media is also using deceptive polling techniques, to send a message to Capitol Hill that American’s support “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is a euphemism for a guest worker program and amnesty. For example, the local newspaper in my area is conducting an online poll, in which it asks, “Is immigration reform necessary?” The choice of responses is: a) Yes, something has to be done about it, and b) No, just leave it the way it is. Thus far, the affirmative response has been picked by 92% of respondents.

Of course, immigration reform would not be an issue today, if the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 had been enforced. That law forbade American businesses from hiring illegal aliens, but the federal agency that was supposed to check the authenticity of Social Security numbers was never set up! As a result, illegal immigrants could engage in identity theft, document forgery, etc. with impunity. Enforcing the laws on the books is the only thing that needs to be done about “immigration reform.” Just leaving it the way it is, i.e., NOT enforcing our immigration laws, is what got us into this mess! (–Brian Farmer at JBS, emphasis mine)

Voices crying in the wilderness — no, not the illegal aliens, the rest of us.

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.**



One response

2 05 2007

Hooray, finally Americans standing up for what is ours. It is disgustingly aphauling that people who are breaking the law feel they are entitled to anything. Bottom line, if Immigration officals are arresting parents and they are being seperated from their childeren, then the parents should have carefully considered their actions. If a crack dealer has childeren to care for, the law still arrests tehm and takes the childeren away. Yes, i compared illegal aliens to crack dealers. A criminal is a criminal is a criminal and no matter how many childeren you give birth to will excuse you from commiting a crime. commit the crime, doi the time, plain and simple and if these illegals want the same rights as Americans, then guess what, you are going to jail, just like the rest of us who commit crimes and get caught. Stop making excuses like in mexico i copuld not feed my kids or that their is no work there. Mexicans need to stand up for their rights, IN MEXICO, not the US, where you are not welcomed. Go back or go to jail, pretty simple choice.

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