Immigration Reform’s Flawed Logic and Policy

4 05 2007

Cross posted from   The Peoples Patriot

Washington, the mainstream media and liberals just don’t get it. There are several versions of so called immigration reform being kicked around in Washington. They all include some form of amnesty for the estimated 30 million illegal aliens already here in the country.

Of course, through linguistic acrobatics, the traitors pushing this agenda don’t call their proposals amnesty. The proposals are referred to as a “path to citizenship or an earned path to citizenship”, what ever that means.

The bottom line is not only is it amnesty, it’s amnesty on steroids.

If a bank robber were to receive amnesty for robbing a bank, the criminal would be forgiven for that crime. There would be no jail time and no record for committing the crime. However, the bank robber would not be able to keep the money he stole as part of the amnesty granted. If able to keep the fruits of the crime, that would take amnesty to a whole new level. This type of amnesty could not be considered forgiveness but rather rewarding the crime.

Those that advocate for the illegal aliens seek and propose this “Super Amnesty”. Not only do they want forgiveness of the crimes committed by illegal aliens, they want the illegal aliens to be able to keep the fruits of their criminal activity.

They propose illegal aliens get to stay in the country and get fast tracked to the one of the most precious things in the world, American citizenship. At a flick of the amnesty switch, they go from illegal status to legal status, thus losing little if anything for the crimes they committed. Most importantly, they get to keep everything they absconded with through their illegal activity. This is amnesty on steroids.

Another element to their amnesty proposals is to allow those here in violation of the law for the longest period of time, preferential treatment over those who recently started to break the law with their presence in the country. In essence, the traitors want to reward the longevity of the illegal alien.

What sense does this make? Those here the longest have perpetuated their crimes for the longest period of time. They have cost the American taxpayer much more than the illegal alien that just sneaked into the country.

These “veteran” illegal aliens no doubt absconded with more free health care, free education and municipal and government resources than the “new” illegal alien. Not to mention, have had more time to displace American workers in their jobs and/or to drive down American worker wages.

There is little doubt that the longer these “experienced” illegal aliens were here, the more they encouraged other illegal aliens, directly or indirectly, to come to the “party”. This of course only perpetuated and exacerbated the illegal immigration dilemma.

Despite the obvious, Washington, the MSM and liberals advocate the most for this breed of illegal alien. It makes no sense what so ever, from a rule of law perspective.

Of course none of these entities shed light on a further obvious flaw in their thinking. The fact that there is no way any of their proposals can be administered. Homeland security can’t keep track of 600,000 illegal alien fugitives and they are going to administer an immigration “reform” package for 30 million? I was born at night but it wasn’t last night.

The extent of these traitors efforts is astonishing. They will go through immeasurable lengths to satisfy their business master’s want of cheap labor. They will pervert our language so amnesty doesn’t mean amnesty. They will pervert the rule of law by placing 30 million criminal aliens above our laws. They will place the traitorous businesses driving illegal immigration, above the law and by doing so, the politicians, in violation of their solemn oaths to preserve the Constitution and sovereignty of the nation, also are positioned above the law.

Meanwhile, no one advocates for America’s middle class. The very people whose jobs are stolen, health care given away, whose children are being ripped off of their rightful education and whose tax dollars provide the music to the insane dance known as illegal immigration, are ignored and victimized completely.



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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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