Weapons of Choice for Eliminating America’s Middle Class

9 05 2007

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War has been declared on the America’s Middle Class. There is a grand plan put forth by the country’s elite to eliminate the very backbone of our once great nation. Once the middle class is eliminated, all that will be left is a very small class of elites and a very large under class of the poor and powerless. When we reach that phase, the under class will lack any mechanism necessary to reverse the damage. The elites know this and they are executing this plan as I write this post.

The elites will gain tremendous wealth and power when the literal and economic genocide of the middle class is complete. All of the protections afforded to America’s “heart and soul” will have been eliminated. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence will be rendered useless as they execute their grand plan.

In order to win such a huge battle, the elites have chosen their weapons very carefully. Some of these weapons have been deployed for years without our government’s intervention. Sadly many in government are among the very elites that are waging this war. They have actively facilitated the plan for the elimination of America’s middle class and the development of it’s weapons of choice. Let’s take a look at the corrupt and elite’s three weapons of choice.

The first two weapons have been successfully deployed for many years now. Number one is the outsourcing of high paying American jobs. To satisfy their insatiable greed, American businesses have long been exporting lucrative jobs in various industries, to countries where the wage rate is a fraction of that in the United States. These industries are effectively fattening up their bottom lines at the expense of American workers and families. Naturally the wound inflicted by this weapon has been severely degraded lifestyles for Americans.

In their first attack on American families, business exported their jobs to cheaper labor venues. However this effort didn’t affect enough American workers. Too many couldn’t have their jobs exported due to the nature of their industries. Yet business, like a pack of hungry wolves, could smell the huge potential payoff for figuring out a way to suppress the remaining American worker’s wages. Their idea was simple. If you can’t send the job to the mountain, send the mountain to the job.

So the elites developed the second weapon of choice in eliminating America’s middle class, illegal immigration. Illegal immigration and open, unprotected borders provide the elites with a “one two” punch. First they export good paying jobs, then they import cheap labor to depress American wages that they couldn’t affect through outsourcing. However, not only has this weapon depressed wages of American workers, in many instances, the result has been outright displacement of Americans in the job force. Since Bush has been in office, approximately one fourth of the jobs created under his watch have gone to workers illegally imported for the sole purpose of driving down wages and displacing American workers.

But unlike outsourcing, which is conducted at the expense of the corporation, the middle class is forced to pay for this importation of their job replacements. How so? By requiring the middle class to pay for their replacement worker’s health care, education, subsidized housing and use of municipal resources, to name a few. Talk about adding insult to injury. Not only are American’s losing their jobs to cheap illegal labor, they are forced to subsidize the act through the misappropriation of their tax dollars.

The third weapon of choice is the elites atomic bomb. It finishes off the middle class. It also eliminates all protections once afforded by this country’s founding documents. It will turn the United States, once a sovereign nation, into business venue. A factory of sorts that is built upon cheap labor that is powerless to do anything but accept it’s dismal fate. It’s been called the SPP and the NAU among other things.

The North American Union is a concept that is being pushed forth by America’s business elite. For the time being, all business is along for the ride as well. Being that Washington is beholden to their business and special interest Masters, not only are the politicians supporting this agenda, they are among some it’s most vociferous cheerleaders. Their cheers of course include omission, half truths and outright lies.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership, aka the North American Union, will essentially eliminate the borders between the United States and Mexico and Canada. The idea is to allow free migration of cheap workers to where they are wanted at anytime. Being that Mexico is a cesspool of corruption and couldn’t have a viable economy if it fell on one, their workers will be coming to America in droves. The same holds true for Canada, though for different reasons and on a much smaller scale.

The North American Union will eliminate this nation’s sovereign borders. It will allow goods, services and foreign workers to enter this country at will. These “imports” will not be subject to the typical scrutiny presently in place. Nor will those with American middle class interests at heart be the ones scrutinizing these “imports”. Rather a quasi government designed to replace ours, will be instituted to keep the flow running smoothly. It will be the foxes (maybe even Vincente) watching the hen house.

The NAU will eliminate US SovereigntyIt’s already happening. I submit the Trans Texas Corridor as evidence. The Trans Texas Corridor is a conglomeration of super highway designed to connect Mexico to the deep interior of the United States. There will be little in the way of domestic control of who gets to come into the country. The “Partnership” will decide and facilitate that.

It gets worse. Consider what Wikipedia has to say about it.

The Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) is a transportation network in the planning and early construction stages in the U.S. state of Texas. The network, as planned, would be composed of a 4000 mile (6400 km) network of supercorridors up to 1,200 feet (365 m) wide to carry parallel links of tollways, rails, and utility lines[1]. The tollway portion would be divided into two separate elements: truck lanes and lanes for passenger vehicles. Similarly, the rail lines in the corridor would be divided among freight, commuter, and high-speed rail. Services expected to be carried in the utility corridor include water, electricity, natural gas, petroleum, fiber optic lines, and other telecommunications services. The legislation enabling the Trans-Texas Corridor allows passenger vehicular speed limits of up to 85 mph (140 km/h).[2]

And there is more…

The TTC will be extremely expensive, estimated to cost between US$145.2 billion to $183.5 billion to complete the entire 4,000 mile (6,400 km) network[6]. Additionally the system will require about 584,000 acres (2,360 km²) of land to be purchased or acquired through the state’s assertion of eminent domain. Environmentalists are concerned about the effects of such wide corridors and private land owners have expressed concerns about property rights.[7]

While Governor Rick Perry is supportive of the TTC[8], the 2006 platforms of the Texas Republican[9] and Democratic[10] parties each oppose the plan.

This is only one facet of the grand and evil plan known as the North American Union. It serves as proof that the crime of the century is well under way. How can this happen without Congress’ and the American people’s oversight? Through manipulation of our legislative process, the elites have neutralized the protections put in place to avoid these very scenarios.

The North American Union and all that goes with it, is being presented as an agreement. An agreement, as opposed to a treaty, is not subject to congressional approval. Thus the elites have found a political means by which they can circumvent the will of the American people as they deploy the third and most dangerous weapon in their arsenal.

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