Farmers Branch illegal immigrant supporters will let Voters decide….um…(unless they lose).

12 05 2007

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FARMERS BRANCH, Tex. — On Saturday, voters in this Dallas suburb will decide whether to keep a local ordinance designed to do what city leaders believe the federal government has forsaken: control the number of illegal immigrants.
It will be the first time that such a law will be subjected to a popular vote instead of merely the scrutiny of a government body.

Ana Reyes and volunteers with ‘Let the Voters Decide’ (a group fighting the ordinance) pushed to put the measure to a vote.

Probably adding:
“We think this issue is critical enough that the people need to decide whether it should be implemented so long as we agree with the outcome. The racist city council that passed these discriminatory measures should not have the power to do what the Federal Government is not doing….that power does not belong to the citizens who vote….it’s the American way!…

Last November, the Farmers Branch City Council passed its rental prohibition, the first such ordinance in Texas….Under pressure, the council revamped the ordinance in January. And when opponents gathered enough signatures to force Saturday’s referendum, they agreed to await the results.Both sides have recently brought out local public officials, current and past, to support their positions

Clearly, the pressure from the Four separate lawsuits filed against the city by apartment owners (ACLU), a resident (ACLU) and civil rights (ACLU) and immigrant advocacy organizations played a major part in allowing the voices of the people to be heard….

Reyes and volunteers with Let the Voters Decide, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and other opponents of the law are hoping the enthusiasm shown last spring by supporters of the big pro-immigrant march in Dallas will carry over into Saturday’s election.Both sides have recently brought out local public officials, current and past, to support their positions

“This has also given people, for some reason, the right to voice their bigotry in a very public way….”said Reyes

An ACLU spokesman could have added:
“We support the rights of Americans to go to the polls to decide an issue so long as we like the results…..otherwise, racist bigot American citizen voters will have to contend with us suing them to death. We will win this one way or the other. Supporting citizens of other countries, who are illegally in America is one of our proudest traditions…..”source

If approved, the rental law will take effect May 22 but opponents (ACLU) have said they would seek a court order barring its enforcement.


“Let The Voters Decide” spokesperson Reyes might have noted:
“OF COURSE, WE WILL SUE….You didn’t REALLY think we were serious about this voting thing….did you?”

A few others still supporting the right to vote:
The Violence Worker…..The New Sanctuary Movement
Right Truth.….Mock “Day Labor” sites on pro-illegal politicos lawns
The Undocumented Blogger…..The New taxi
The Violence Worker.…Legal Immigrant Sues San Francisco

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.
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14 05 2007
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