It’s their patriotic duty

14 05 2007

Cross posted from   Bear Creek Ledger

According to former Mexican President Vicente Fox:

“Allan Wall …said that living in Mexico had given him a different perspective on the inroads of Spanish in America. He recalled a Congress of the Spanish Language in Madrid in 2001. One of the speakers was Vicente Fox, the president of Mexico, who commented that Mexican immigrants who continue to speak Spanish in the United States are doing their patriotic duty to Mexico. [Text of speech, in Spanish.] Another speaker was Carlos Fuentes, perhaps the leading literary figure in Mexico. “He said that there is a silent reconquista of the United States. He didn’t even limit it to the Southwest, as many do; he just said ‘of the United States’.”

Allan Wall writes for VDARE his story of appearing in a PBS documentary.  Wall had written in 2002 that the conversion from English to Spanish in the United States is considered to be a conquest for Mexico and this article resulted in his participation in a Robert MacNeil documentary “Do You Speak American?”.

Allan Wall actually lives in Mexico and notes that Mexico would not allow English as the primary language to take over a Mexican town. This is what he thinks needs to happen in the US:

“To prevent this, Wall wants immigration reduced, to give legal immigrants time to assimilate. He not only wants English made the official U.S. language, but wants all government business to be in English. If people don’t understand English, they will be motivated to learn, he believes, because some Hispanics are ‘impeded’ from learning by U.S. government policies, such as the translation of documents, bilingual education, and bilingual election ballots. He sees American politicians pandering by speaking Spanish themselves to woo Hispanic voters—one of these being George W. Bush. Wall faulted Bush, as governor of Texas, for not taking action, like cutting off state funds, after the El Cenizo ordinance. [El Cenizo, a small town in south Texas, made Spanish its official language in 2001 and announced it would not permit the enforcement of federal immigration law]. He also noted that Bush, as president, was on record as opposing the English Language Amendment.”

Of course, PBS, being PBS the agenda of the documentary is to show that Spanish in the US isn’t a problem and promoting the multicultural dilution of our culture is really assimilation. Wall calls the category “Hispanic” what it is – separatism.

The very existence of an official ethnic category called “Hispanic” further hinders assimilation. It encourages even white Hispanics to identify as Hispanic rather than as mainstream Americans. The Germans and Italians didn’t have separate categories to be subsumed under.Above all:
** The Great Wave immigration was cut off in the 1920s. That gave time for the immigrants to assimilate and intermarry.

If today’s Open Borders supporters have their way, immigration will never be reduced. Rather, it will increase indefinitely.

For those who compare the invasion from Mexico we have today to that of the immigration wave of the early 1900’s and before they need to read a bit more on the controlled immigration of that time. Todays invaders from Mexico mostly are not interested in adopting the language or culture of the US.

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