Senators Sellout Americans!

17 05 2007

Cross posted from The Peoples Patriot

The American people have been sold out by one of the last hopes we had for fighting illegal immigration. The Senate Republicans are said to have secretly signed off on amnesty legislation. This despite the Republican thrashing in the last election due to dissatisfaction with their handling of the illegal immigration issue.

Supporting this amnesty legislation is completely contrary to the views and desires of their voter base and Americans in general. Polling data generally illustrates, by a two thirds margin, that Americans are opposed to amnesty in anyway shape or form. None of this matters to the power and money hungry traitors in Washington. Bohica citizens only this time its worse for a lot of reasons.

Hugh Hewitt covers the treasonous event with insight.

“Word is leaking that the GOP in the Senate are on the verge of agreeing to an immigration bill that has –as a concession to the GOP– less than half of the fencing promised by law last year.

White flag time on the border, and a national security and thus a political disaster.

The GOP are sending around talking points attempting to make this “compromise” defensible, but it won’t and shouldn’t fly. Agreeing to it takes the party down the tubes on the issue of border security –because it doesn’t provide what the public understands to be border security, a very long, very high fence with a very wide gate.

This is McCain’s continuing gift to the GOP, and the immigration absolutists’ legacy: Lots and lots of promises and no fence worth calling a fence.

Aren’t there 41 GOP senators willing to fight for border security? Apparently not. And they will see the result in their depleted coffers and diminished numbers come November ‘08. All they have to do is fight for border security, but they won’t even do that.

UPDATE: Here are the draft talking points from the GOP. Four pages of crap:”

There hasn’t been much talk on the legislation’s chances in the house because Republicans were expected to block the legislation. I will be looking into that over the next day or so. If it gets by the house, El Arbolito is sure to sign it. The sellout will be complete. The disaster put in motion.

The Right Wing Nut House sums up the betrayal nicely.

Hence, the illegal immigrant amnesty bill and what seems like an abrupt about face by many of the politicians involved. Long time Hill watchers took a look at that immigration bill when it first saw the light of day and could smell the amnesty provisions in it a mile away. Despite the denials that this simply wasn’t so. Despite the name calling by proponents, tarring the opposition with horribly hurtful epithets questioning their fairness and empathy. Despite all of it, the opponents of the bill turn out to be right and the advocates are revealed as liars.

The Republican party must be made to pay for this indiscretion. Any Republican Senator that signs this legislation must be put out of office. As for the Democrats, they haven’t represented American middle class interests for years. There was no hope for any of the Democrats to buck the lock step trend. They too should be made to pay.

However, being a former lifelong Republican, I hold these sellout Senators more responsible. They used to be the party of small government and the rule of law. Now this nation has no such party. Soon we will no longer be a nation built upon the rule of law. Anarchy is sure to follow and this nation may cease to be a nation. This is a huge disaster and we all must continue to fight it with every ounce of resolve we possess.

It’s time for each and every concerned citizen to call their Senators and demand that they vote against this amnesty legislation.

It’s time for every concerned citizen to join NumbersUSA today.

While you are at it, why not send the future currency of the United States as a campaign donation to your Senator as a protest against their treasonous ways.

If you are a Republican send the Amero below.

Rebublican Contribution Currency

If you are a Democrat send this version of the Amero to your Senators.

Democrat Contribution Currency

Just right click on either image and save it your computer so that you can print out the version of your choice. Maybe with your calls and these donations, we can get our political leaders to represent Americans for a change.

A hat tip to Hotair for their coverage of this treasonous event. And another to for the Amero’s.



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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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