Runaway Congress – Help Stop Amnesty Now!

18 05 2007

Cross posted from    Common Sense America

If you have never picked up your phone to call or fax Congress, do it now! Our elected officials are trying to cram amnesty down our throats with a bill that was announced yesterday with no debate and no possibility for Americans to object.

We are witnessing a ‘Runaway Congress’. If you have seen the movie Runaway Jury, you know what I’m talking about. Our Congress has been stolen by foreign lobbyists and greedy corporations – lobbyists who, by the way, say that they are happy with the ‘amnesty‘ portion of the bill but will work to ‘improve it’ to add even more perks for illegal aliens.

From Grassfire:

Ted Kennedy just announced that the a deal has been struck between The White House, Democrats and Republicans on an amnesty bill.

This behind-closed-doors bill clearly is an amnesty bill. 12 million illegals will gain immediate legal status, rights and benefits — and a path to citizenship.

Even worse — this back-room deal means no public debate. The Senate will vote on amnesty by next Friday!

Let’s be clear — they are rushing this through — without committee deliberations or the normal two to three week time for debate — in an attempt to avoid public discussion and grassroots pressure.

This is outrageous!

Stopping amnesty will be a numbers game. We must have 41 votes to stop amnesty in the Senate. We have identified a list of Key Senators that can stop amnesty. Our system will send your fax to every one of those Senators right now (or, choose to fax every Senator). Go here


Note from Christi: there is a fee to have Grassfire send the faxes for you. If you would rather send them yourself, you can find their numbers on the bottom list here.

You can also get all the phone numbers for all members of Congress at NumbersUSA.

I have UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE and I will be calling AND faxing EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of our Congress today and all of next week.

It is up to us now, folks. If we do not show this Congress that we are serious about stopping this insanity, they are going to shove it down our throat next week.

UPDATE from Hillbilly Politics:

The Mayor may have won the battle in PA but America lost the war against illegal aliens:

Here’s the new bill in all its “glorious” 790 pages promising amnesty, unenforcible laws, and other half baked stupidities.

Hillbilly Politics also has a Mexican Flag that you can print out from her site to fax to our Congressional members with the wording, “If you vote for the Immigration Reform Bill S. 1348, you will receive a real flag just like the one below to fly over your office because you will no longer represent the United States of America“.

Update from Jambalaya for contacting your members of Congress:

Click on your state and call all of them…

Other CAII members posting:

Mexicans Fear U.S. Immigration Plan from the Uncooperative Blogger

Conservatives Have Left the Building from Red Satellites

Senate Amnesty Agreement Reached from the Undocumented Blogger

Traitor Alert!!! from GA CrimeWatch

Immigration bill doesn’t have the votes from Right Truth

Amnesty Fall Out: Who’s Going to Cut Our Tobacco? from John Lillpop

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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27 09 2008
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26 07 2008
Rick Tribuz

What are your suggestions for us citizens,we’re in California and it’s hard when we see the population of this saturation invasion of illegal immigrants continuing to take place and our votes are not counted or heard. It can’t be as simple as politicians just being greedy and ignorant for attaining votes.The cliche’ of addressing long-term strategy is over,as many people I have spoken to who feel the same way,it’s time to address this serious situation now. How can we help.Please let us know.

Thank you

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