Immigration Reform, What Compromise?

21 05 2007

Cross posted from    The Peoples Patriot

he recent traitorous efforts by the United States Senate to pass immigration reform legislation is touted as a compromise. Nothing could be farther from the truth as the interests of the American people were not represented in the negotiations. Just who was involved in the negotiations? Let’s take a look.

Illegals Laugh At America

First there is the Anti American middle class special interest group known as the business lobby.

“Employers, who helped shape a major immigration bill over the last three months, said on Sunday that they were unhappy with the result because it would not cure the severe labor shortages they foresee in the coming decade.

In addition, employers expressed alarm as they learned that the Senate bill would require them to check a government database to verify that all current and former employees — aliens and citizens alike — were eligible to work in the United States.”

Then there are the racist open borders lobbyist like La Raza (the race) who favor open borders and an outright reconquista movement to take back “their” land.

Sher Zieve points this out with refreshing clarity.

“Then, to add insult to the already injured US citizenry, guess who had virtually unlimited input into this pro-illegals bill and holds the sway of veto power over it? The answer is Latino groups that preach “retaking” the US Southwest for Mexico.

Even the liberal Washington Post reported: “After laboring in obscurity for decades, groups such as the National Council of La Raza, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the National Immigration Forum are virtually being granted veto power over perhaps the biggest domestic issue coming before Congress this year.

Organizations that represent what is now the nation’s largest minority group are beginning to achieve power commensurate with their numbers.” The voices of the majority of the American people are effectively being ignored, if not silenced, by a Democrat-run Congress and their RINO supplicants. And our elected officials are now only listening to groups like La Raza (“the race”) and MEChA that preach: “For the race—everything. For those outside the race—nothing!” Congress is now only listening to the radical elements of society—not the majority of the American people.”

The Bush dictatorship has no use for the rule of law.Lastly, there are the politicians themselves. This traitorous group chose to lick the boots of their special interests Masters in lieu of representing the very people who put them in office. These politicians weren’t representing the interests of American citizens. Rather they were looking to further pad their hold on power and their endless stream of special interest donations.

No one included in the immigration reform negotiations represented the American citizen interests. The product they produced is reflective of this reality. The flawed, anti American and anti rule of law legislation is nothing more than a force feeding of the business and open borders lobby demands. The people and the nation are being forced to swallow legislation that is contrary to their well being and the well being of the nation as a whole.

This isn’t new for the traitors in Washington. They did almost the same exact thing back in 1986 with the last failed amnesty attempt. Then too, enforcement was promised and never came to be while the amnesty provisions of that legislation flourished like weeds in an untended garden. No doubt that the same fate holds true for the current proposed legislation.

Legislation that gives the American people no relief from the injustices of illegal immigration such as:

The state of anarchy created by having multiple sets of laws for different classes of people.

“The bigger point underlying amnesty is that it obliterates the rule of law, from both sides of the equation. Illegal immigrants break the law by sneaking into the United States. Members of Congress break the law and their oaths of office by failing to enforce immigration laws and the border. And both groups not only suffer no penalty, but are rewarded for having done so. No wonder the latter feels such an affinity for the former. It forces one to wonder if the rest of us simply get to ignore or defy any law we don’t like or find inconvenient. Should I get to drive 95 mph simply because 55 mph doesn’t suit me? Or better yet, not pay my taxes anymore? And if economic desperation justifies law-breaking, how many homes does each poor person get to burglarize?”

Jobs will continue to stolen by people of foreign lands. This while wages of American workers continue to be depressed by the same people, much to the delight of the business lobby.

Health care, or the employee benefit plan of illegal employers, will continue to be still be stolen by those who have no right to it and don’t pay for it while invading a country they don’t even belong in.

While illegal aliens work toward stealing American jobs and enjoy the free health care provided by the insured and the taxpayer, illegal alien children will continue to steal the scarce educational resources that rightly belongs to the children of American citizens.

The current enormous costs associated with illegal immigration will still be borne by the American taxpaying citizen.

These very costs will be increased by this so called legislation exponentially. It estimated that the price tag to American taxpayers for this amnesty legislation will be $2.5 trillion.

The farce of birthright citizenship, which is not Constitutionally granted, will continue on unabated.

Americans will continue to be maimed and killed by people of foreign lands. Illegal aliens will continue to get a free pass from these crimes only to go out and commit more of them. Another example of two peoples with two sets of laws. Illegal aliens get off with no consequences while Americans are prosecuted, both correctly and incorrectly.

Americans will continue to meet the burden of paying of income taxes while illegal aliens are forgiven for evading tax payments for years and sometimes decades.

Our government, despite passing legislation, will continue to refuse to build a wall along our porous borders. Leaving our southern border open to terrorists training in South America and other places.

The American people have gained nothing through this treasonous proposed legislation. Nothing at all. This while 30 million illegal alien law breakers are forgiven for their crimes. Not only are they forgiven for their crimes, but these absconders get to keep the bounty of the crimes they committed. They will be allowed to stay and work in this country while awaiting the ultimate prize for violating our laws and sovereignty; American citizenship. If this isn’t bad enough, this is all done on the dime of the American taxpayer.

This doesn’t even come close to a compromise. There was no give and take, just take and take away from the American people.

My questions to Americans is straight forward. Are you finally willing to do what is necessary to save your future, the future of your children and the future of your country? If so, please join NumbersUSA today. There you can directly oppose the treasonous acts of our Senators and President. There you can make sure your voice is heard. There you can actually do something about this beginning of the end of our once great nation. There has never been a more pressing time for citizen involvement. Will you do your part to save the United States of America and patriotically heed this call to action?



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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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