France Gets It and Iran Can Do What the U.S. Can’t

22 05 2007

Cross posted from People’s Patriot 

One of the first things Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s new President, did was create a new Ministry called minister of immigration and national identity. You see, like the United States, France is grappling with an immigration problem as well.

“Thus, it seems reasonable to assume that, in the light of what happened in 2005 in the suburbs – more than 200 million euros in damage, and some 10 000 cars destroyed – , in part as a response to Mr. Sarcozy’s discourse considered unacceptable, this kind of provocations were caused by some people with connections to the right-wing majority- maybe to the far-right. After all, the suburbs “revolt” of 2005 happened as a reaction against their social policy, not only against what the Minister said. Assumedly, what M.Sarcozy said (depicting the youth of the suburbs as “racaille” that ought to be erased) was just the drop that made the glass overflow.”

There are parallels among France’s immigration problems and that of the United States. The similarities include lack of assimilation and cries of racism when France takes the necessary measures to protect it’s national identity and sovereignty. There is also a crime parallel as you can see from the above paragraph.

Realizing that their national identity is at risk and that an emboldened immigrant community stands to tear the country apart, the French, unlike the United States, have taken direct measures to address the issue. Thus the creation of the Ministry of immigration and national identity.

“The new ministry said today that government policy would be dictated by firmness and pragmatism.”

“We have to put aside massive legalization. It doesn’t work and it penalizes, even immigrants,” …

Policy, he said, would be guided by “firmness and humanism” with “lots of pragmatism.”

So there you have it. France, the butt of many jokes here in America and the cause for re-naming an American food staple from french fries to freedom fries, understands the need for real immigration control. They even have the political will and courage to deal with the issue head on and in terms of enforcement instead of acquiescing to the anarchy like desires of their immigrant population.

Washington would do well to take this page out of French politics and apply it here at home.

France isn’t the only country that our politicians, mainstream media and intelligentsia can learn from. Of all the countries in the world, who would think we can learn from Iran?

“TEHRAN, May 15 (IPS) – As the Iranian regime firmly implements a plan to repatriate the bulk of an estimated one million Afghan refugees living illegally on its soil, it is apparent that the move is aimed at embarrassing the West over its failures in the region.”

Does Iran, a country considered by many in the U.S. as being “third world”, throw it’s arms up and say “there is no way we can deport on million people”? On the contrary, Iran deals with it’s illegal refugee problem directly and with a sense of determination.

“More than 70 000 Afghans who were in Iran illegally have been returned in the past month, the United Nations said on Monday, as talks were under way between the neighbours over the controversial deportations.

Tehran has said it wanted one million Afghans repatriated by next March. The 70 000 who have been sent back started returning from April 21.”

For all those in America that say “we can NOT deport 12 million illegal, invading aliens”, need only look to a country considered by many as backward and primitive. If Iran can deport 1 million refugees threatening the well being of their country in the timespan of just one year, the United States certainly can deport 12 million illegal aliens.

Of course deporting 12 million illegal aliens is unnecessary. America can get illegal aliens to leave this country with measures that are not as radical. The solution, ignored by politicians and the mainstream liberal media, is attrition through enforcement. Enforce our existing immigration laws to the max, eliminate jobs and social services and the illegal aliens will leave the United States on their own accord and expense.

Our politicians need to look at these international examples and learn from them. National sovereignty and the rule of law are essential to any country’s well being. This is true even in third world countries like Iran and socially liberal countries like France. The United States is no exception.

Our politicians need to realize that dealing with illegal immigration requires intestinal fortitude. The right measure to take is a tough love approach that preserves the rule of law and national identity. The wrong thing to do is throw these things away in favor of making the lawless legal by changing our laws to meet that end.

The French and Iranian examples show just how wrong our treasonous Senators are in their zeal to pass legislation that is harmful to the United States. If our political leaders had a shred of shame, they would be embarrassed by being shown up by a third world country and France.

This is why your involvement is critical. Without you, they will fail to see the errors of their ways. Please call your Senator, Congressperson and the White House with your opposition to the proposed amnesty legislation.

Our political leaders refuse do what is right for the country. The country needs the activism of it’s citizens now more than ever. Demand the political elite to submit to the will of our people and not that of special interests and people of foreign countries. Tell the traitors in Washington “never to amnesty and enforce our immigration laws”!



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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




One response

23 05 2007
Teri Whitaker

So, where were we when Congressman Sensenbrenner and the House tried to get “The Border Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005” passed?

The Senate defeated it when all of the illegal immigrants took to the streets in protest.

This Act is exactly what I hear everyone screaming for. It’s already on paper…we just need to take it off the dusty shelf and put it into law.

Kennedy’s proposal is a result of the immigration reform protests by the illegals. Americans didn’t take to the street to protest the protests. Instead, we sat silent and let our government think that the Immigration Control Act of 2005 wasn’t what we wanted either. Please understand, this Act is what put all the illegals into an uproar. It’s what America needs. Read it. And if you agree, pass it along to EVERYONE you can think of.

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