Chertoff…Gutierrez…”SHERPAS OF THE SENATE!”….Lindsay Graham

23 05 2007

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It was revealed today that it wasn’t our Senators that wrote the Immigration Reform Bill. It was Gutierrez and Chertoff and of course President Bush provided the Coffee and Donuts.
Carlos Gutierrez, United States Secretary of Commerce, who studied business administration at the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Queretaro, Mexico…source And Michael Chertoff, who is responsible for our secure southern border, were the inspiration for the Senate Immigration Reform Bill……


LINDSAY “it’s not Amnesty” GRAHAM
GUSHED ” Oh…he’s just Awesome!”……No wait….That was Chertoff about Kennedy…
It’s all so confusing…..

THIS is what he said…
“He (Chertoff) was the “sherpa” that guided us through the maze of how the law was broken,” said supporter Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.). “His role in this was indispensable in many ways.”
“His biggest contribution was giving us confidence in terms of how the new program would work,” said Graham. “He provided the bricks we used to build this wall.”source

Of course, Graham was NOT referring to the wall required to be built by last years legislation passed by Congress…..the one that Chertoff ignored.

“You see, I learned in 8th grade civics, it really doesn’t matter what Americans want.” Graham might have said, “It only matters what the Chamber of Commerce and Homeland security decides Americans want. It’s our job as Senators to follow these Sherpas where ever they lead us….They know the one true way to the top of the mountain.

The American people…well…think of them as the pack mules we ride, and that carry our stuff. Sure they carry all the real loads, and we may have to shoot a few of them if they get out of hand along the way, but they are just dumb animals…. What’s really important is that they do what they’re told and get us where we want to go!

In an interview, Chertoff credited “intense, personal participation” with senators by Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez….
“This was unique. You had two secretaries putting enormous care into this. The president was very deeply engaged in this,” Chertoff said. “It is very, very important that they can trust you, that you build trust in working together. . . . That’s been a great lesson to me looking over the last two years.”

Of course Chertoff wasn’t referring to Americans trusting him. Only the Senators.

“You see, As the SHERPAS of the Senate, Chertoff chortled, It’s our job to tell them what to do as well as where to go. The Senate…well…Think of them as the Celebrity Mountain Climbers that ride the Pack Mules. Sure they’re stupid and egoistic, and we may have to shoot a few of them along the way, but they are just dumb Senators …we could lead ‘em off a cliff and they wouldn’t know the difference. The important thing is, in the end, that they just do what their SHERPAS tell ‘em to do.

A few other folks looking for a Sherpa that WONT Lead Them Over A Cliff:

Georgia Crime Watch…..Poultry Industry owned and Operated by Illegals
The Peoples Patriot…..The Ingrates, The Patriot and The Panderer
Right Truth…..Give an illegal alien a ride to the Beach this summer

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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9 06 2007
Mary Chamberlain

From the Nevada Action Coalition website

Funding Revolution

Henry Santiestevan, former head of the Southwest Council of La Raza stated ,

“It can be said, that without the Ford Foundation’s commitment to a strategy of national and local institution building, the Chicano movement would have withered away in many areas.”

The Ford Foundation has a long history of funding efforts to subvert national sovereignty and to foment unrest in the interest of pursuing internationalist goals in the United States. Even congress took notice during the Eisenhower administration and included the Ford Foundation’s activities in its investigation of tax-exempt foundations.

The attention from Congress had little effect on the activities of these foundations. The Ford Foundation, until recently the largest of the tax-exempt foundations forming and funding Chicano pressure groups in the late 1960’s. At the time, Marxist terrorist Reies Lopez Tijerina was embroiled in a reign of terror in New Mexico, having stormed the Rio Arriba County courthouse in New Mexico at the head of 150 other armed terrorists, killing a police officer, shooting another man, and taking 20 people hostage.

All in an effort to establish “exclusive and supreme jurisdiction within our territorial jurisdiction, over all persons and property situated therein, to the exclusion of all other countries and governments.”

More calculating heads saw that political pressure and activity was likely to be more effective than the direct, violent revolutionary action of terrorists like Reies Tijerina. One of these was attorney Peter Tijerina. When he died in 2003, the Laredo Morning News recalled, “Tijerina traveled to New York to get advice from the head of the NAACP… With the help of the NAACP, he wrote a proposal to the Ford Foundation, which told him they only funded national organizations.”

Using some of his own assets as seed money, Tijerina founded MAL-DEF. It was hardly a risk. Little more than a front group that existed in name only, it was more than enough to satisfy the Ford Foundation. Not long after founding, the Ford Foundation turned on the money spigot. According to the Laredo Morning News, Tijerina’s “efforts paid off with the foundation’s five-year grant of $2.2 million-more than double the original request.”

The Ford Foundation quickly demonstrated that it was the real power behind MALDEF. Ford insisted that the organization make changes when “anti-gringo” statements were made and forced it to move its headquarters out of Texas.

In fact, Tijerina was ousted as head of MALDEF and Mario Obledo was installed as the head of the organization. Obledo has become famous for his glee at the prospect of California returning to Mexican control.

MALDEF is not the only radical open-borders organization to get its start through Ford Foundation funding. They helped create the National Council of La Raza.

In a 1970 report about La Raza, the California Senate Subcommittee on Un-American Activities noted: ” It is administered by a Board of 26 and its president is Maclovio Barraza. Mr. Barraza … has been identified as a member of the Communist Party, and presides over the Council which recently received a grant of $1.3 million from the Ford Foundation…The operation of this large and well-financed private concern, with a Communist at its head, obviously exerts a powerful influence on the Mexican-American minority throughout its domain including the Brown Berets.”

Millions of Dollars

Millions of dollars have flowed into groups like MALDEF, MECha, and La Raza over the last few decades, bankrolling a communist inspired subversive movement aimed at worsening the illegal immigration crisis and wrenching significant parts of the Southwest from the USA.

Groups giving La Raza more than a million dollars each since the year 2000, according to the Foundation Directory, include: Bank of America, Annie Casey Foundation, Ford Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, PepsiCo Foundation, UPS Foundation, Wal-Mart Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was the biggest single funding source, giving La Raza over $20 million since 2002.

MALDEF received similar funding. Anheuser-Bush -$500,000 in 2004; Ford Foundation -$3.6 million 2003-2005; and Rockefeller Foundation -$1.1 million 2002-2004.

It’s money well spent if the goal is to destroy the USA. “California is going to be a Mexican State,” said Mario Obledo, “We are going to control all the institutions. If people don’t like it, they should leave”.

If it happens, it will have been a revolution bought and paid for by American political elites through the subversion organizations they fund and control.
Source: New American – February 19.2007

9 06 2007
Mary Chamberlain

MSNBC reporting today, June 9, 2007
on a nasty immigration bill – S.1348

Lindsey Graham says “we are inside the 10 yard line”.

I know the good people of South Carolina didn’t know this man’s true colors.



JUNE 14, 15, 16,

March For America Information

Official Dates and Times:
Nation Capital (D.C.) June 14,15, 16th, 2007
State Capitals: June 16th, 2007
(See “State Coverage” for contact information and details about official State Organizers
as well as events planned for the June 16th, 2007 in those participating States)

Washington DC & U.S. Events Calendar
(Additional information will be provided as we grow closer to the event date.)
(Additional Speakers to be added as schedules are worked out.)

March For America MC = Rick Biesada
March For America Music Man = John Martin

June 14th (D.C)- No Amnesty/Secure Our Borders!, “Operation Body
Count/Buck Stops Here” A day of mourning and remembrance with a focus towards
the victims of Illegal Immigration. In the honor of those who have already been
victimized, F.I.R.E. Coalition will be hosting “Operation Body Count” which includes the
names of slain victims of illegal aliens being the main focus and a reminder that more
victims will result from any passage of an Amnesty Bill. This is a solemn event and it is
asked that everyone participating respect this fact. It is requested that those present
bring primarily American flags. In addition will be a tribute to the Border Patrol agents who
are America’s POW in this fight for our country, and sacrificial lambs to open the door to
Amnesty. To end the days events a moment of silence shall be conducted to honor the
fallen illegal alien victims, the fallen war victims who risk their lives protecting this country
from foreign invaders, and for the United States of America, its flag and Constitution that
our Government is slowly destroying.

Event Times: 11am – 5pm
Event Location: Washington Monument (17th & Constitution Ave)
10:00 AM Operation Body Count will begin in front of White House and a march will then
proceed down the street to the base of the Washington Monument.
Additional Information:

A tribute will be conducted to the Border Patrol agents (Ramos/Compean &
Hernandez) who are America’s POW in this fight for our country.

American Flags requested only on this day.

This is a solemn event and we ask those present to respect this element.

All Night “Protect Our Nation” Vigil – 7:00pm – 9:00am

Shifts of 10 patriots standing guard outside White House. Shift changes per hour.
Volunteers willing to participate are asked to contact us prior to the event.

June 15th (D.C.)- No Amnesty/Secure Our Borders!, “All American
Day/Stop The North American Union” Presentations and protest on topics which
affect our Nation. The focus on this day is to Protest the North American Union, the SPP
and the TTC, showing the tie between the NAU and Illegal Immigration, and in addition to
standing up for the Rights of the American Worker. Reminding our Government that
Amnesty will not benefit this country nor the American workers but rather destroy this
nation and cost it’s citizens severely.

Event Times: 11am – 2pm
Event Location: Washington Monument (17th and Constitution Ave)
Speakers include:

Daniel Sheehy (Author of Immigration Anarchy)

Dr. Daneen Peterson (Author and Founder of Stop The North American Union)

History leading up to the NAU and its connection to illegal immigration.

Va. Congressman Virgil Goode

Importance of his introducing legislation to stop the NAU

Dr. Kathryn Albrecht (Best Selling Author-Spychips)

Why the need to repeal the “Real ID’ Act and it’s connection to the NAU

Bill Still (Author, speaker and documentary producer)

Andrew Gause (Monetary Historian and Author)

The money power and its impact on Americans through illegal taxation.

Margaret Meade

Special Guest Speakers

Chris Simcox – (Founder MCDC)

Additional Information:

Book Signing – 4pm – Bar of the Holiday Inn Capital

Meet & Greet – 5pm – Bar of the Holiday Inn Capital

June 16th (U.S.A)- No Amnesty/Secure Our Borders, “March for America”.
Americans nationwide march forth in unison to offer their direct opposition to Amnesty. Key
speakers will lend their voices across our Nation to speak for the citizens of the United
States of America to tell our government America will not accept this bill, and to remind
our Government where their loyalties should lie the “The U.S. Constitution” and the “Blood
and sweat of the American Citizens”.

25 05 2007

This is a bad bill. I’m pledging and paying $10 a week to the NRSC every week that this bill doesn’t get past the Senate. I have this fantasy that there are a million other Americans who feel their country is worth ten bucks a week. We’re at the moment of surrender. After this nothing else will matter.

24 05 2007


In his campaign speech of 2000, George W. Bush said, “A vote for me is a vote for a new America” (little did anyone know what he really had in mind.).


In California and Texas, Americans of European descent are already a minority, and their share of our population falls every year!


Well, if you’re not, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND AND RE-READ THE PARAGRAPHS ABOVE! Then, go here and watch this video: Watch or copy/paste this:

You Need More? Want Some Perspective On How Many Illegal Aliens Are Coming Across The Border and what they’re bringing with them? (“an assembly line of diseases into the heart of America”)

Well, just take a look, my fellow Americans, at some excerpts from one of the most important books of our time (I have no financial relationship with this book’s author, whatsoever)

The following are excerpts from Pat Buchanan’s book: “STATE OF EMERGENCY…THIRD WORLD INVASION AND CONQUEST OF AMERICA”

On November 28, 2005, President Bush, speaking in Tucson, conceded that in five years 4.5 million aliens had been caught attempting to break into the Untied States. Among that 4.5 million, Bush admitted, were “more than 350,000 with criminal records.”

One in every twelve illegal aliens the U.S. Border Patrol had apprehended was a criminal. That is, 70,000 felons apprehended each year, 200 felons every single day for five years, trying to break into our country to rob, rape, and murder Americans. On the millions who succeeded on Bush’s watch, how many came for just such purposes?

Nearly 8 million foreigners did enter during those five years, 3.7 million of them illegally. If one in twelve was a criminal, 300,000 felons slipped in during Bush’s tenure. This is an historic dereliction of presidential duty.

What They’re Bringing With Them
(in addition to more people than this nation can support)

Because the vast majority of immigrants, legal and illegal, now come from rural areas, towns, and cities of the most impoverished nations of the hemisphere, where sanitation is often poor and health care nonexistent, they impose other costs upon the American people

High among these is the appearance of contagious diseases that researchers and doctors eradicated long ago. Malaria, polio, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and such rarities of the Third World as Dengue Fever, Chagas’ disease, and leprosy are surfacing here.

In the states that border Mexico, writes, columnist George Putnam, there is “ a steady, silent, pervasive invasion of the Untied States by an unarmed army carrying an assembly line of diseases into the heart of America. Illegal aliens are also bringing in syphilis and gonorrhea. Bedbugs have invaded the United States for the first time in 50 years, with 28 states reporting recent infestations.

For forty years, only 900 cases of leprosy, or Hansen’s disease had been diagnosed in the United States; in the first three years of the twenty-first century, 7000 cases were discovered.

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