Command and Conquer Red Alert. Part 1

26 05 2007

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Have you ever heard of the game Command and Conquer Red Alert? It’s a strategic game in which the Communistic Soviet Union returns to power and attacks the US from its southern border. Rather fun game to play to get your mind off of the troubles of the world. Well that’s what I used to think anyways, till this Immigration Reform Bill cropped up. Now if I try and play it all I can think of is the real world likely hood of this really happening.

Now I am not trying to say the Soviet Union is attacking us from the south, but replace that with al Qaeda-Hezbollah and the revolution from the Mexican immigrants and we now have a real war on our hands.

The warnings go on and on all across our southern border, but yet we still have no security on the border. Illegal immigrants cross daily by the hundreds, all awhile “We the People” sit in our homes waiting for the next attack that will most likely kill thousands. How blind have we become? Our elected officials tell the world how weak we are by surrendering the war on terrorist, letting federal criminals walk around our great nation while offering them amnesty and welfare support. What the hell are we doing?!

Here are just a few of the warnings that have come up in the last few years:

FBI Director Robert Mueller, during the House Appropriations Committee hearing on March 9, 2005 admitted that he was aware that illegal immigrants from countries with Al Qaeda ties are entering the U.S. from our southern border using false identities. The information concerned the now former Homeland Security Deputy Secretary James Loy enough that he wrote: “Recent information from ongoing investigations, detentions and emerging threat streams strongly suggest that al Qaeda has considered using the Southwest border to infiltrate the United States. Several al Qaeda leaders believe operatives can pay their way into the country through Mexico, and also believe illegal entry is more advantageous than legal entry for operational security reasons.”

What he is saying is, the less we know about their entry into this country, the more dangerous they become. Well duh!!

The 9/11 Commission Report notes that Lebanese nationals with ties to Hamas and Hizbollah are being smuggled into the United States using ties to “corrupt Mexican officials in Beirut, Mexico City and Tijuana to facilitate their travel”.

Hello!! Remember 9/11??

Back in November 2005, Rep. Sue Myrick (R-N.C.) informed the Charlotte Observer that three al Qaeda terrorists had been captured at the U.S.-Mexico border seems this would have set off some alarms in our government and when evidence surface that the former al Qaeda operations chief Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told “dirty bomber” Jose Padilla to enter the United States by way of Mexico seems our government would have tightened the security on the border.

But they didn’t what they did do is allow our border agents to be placed in jail.

The Washington Times reports that al Qaeda allied itself with organized Mexican crime groups (Mara Salvatrucha gang aka ‘MS-13′) to aid with the entry of al Qaeda operatives into the U.S. from Mexico.

We still have an unsecured border and we have terrorist dealing with revolutionaries.

American intelligence confirms an al Qaeda/Hezbollah interest in the Arab communities of the tri-border area of central South America as a staging ground for attacks on the U.S.

Our President goes down there and offers federal aid (this is like paying them to help the terrorist).

Brownsville Herald reports that illegal immigrants with possible terrorist ties captured just after entering the U.S. from Mexico are being released in the U.S. because the have no place to keep them.

They want us to believe they can secure the border with the shamnesty Bill.

Los Angeles radio station reports that Middle Eastern men with al Qaeda links are taking on Hispanic names buying fake Mexican ID cards and just blend in with the illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Our U.S. officials wants to give them Z visas so they can hide out in the mountains of Montana and train while they stock pile weapons .

Tom Tancredo reports that some illegal immigrants from known terrorist nations are paying as much as $50,000 to be smuggled past the southern border and replies “they’re not paying that kind of money simply to work at a 7/11″.

Our government knows what’s going on but they hope we don’t. So I think you need to get off that couch, turn off “American Idol” and turn on the news. Call your Senator and tell them if they pass this Bill you will make damn sure they never see their name on a Washington office again.

It’s Time to Change Government Leadership; It’s Time to Change the Nation!

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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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