A GOP Deer in the Headlights …

3 06 2007

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This morning, Nashville talk radio host Steve Gill reported on a meeting that TN Senator Lamar Alexander held with constituents in Middle Tennessee.

This was one of those meetings across the Senate’s Memorial Day break everyone is being encouraged to attend to ensure the politicians hear what the people have to say, especially concerning illegal immigration. After the meeting concluded a number of attendees called Steve to report on what went on. I personally did not attend. Everything that follows is what I heard (or my recollection of what I heard) on the radio and is, thus, hearsay. Steve Gill and Lamar Alexander are not responsible if I get my story wrong. With that caveat, read on …

The general consensus (at least one person disagreed) was the meeting was either a rude awakening for Lamar or a good old fashioned throwing down of the gauntlet! After some opening remarks and a campaign video, things got a little sporty! The exact timeline is unclear as is the exact sequence of events but it is reported that each of the following happened at some point:

  • An attendee jumped up and yelled out something to the effect of, “Secure the borders first and then we can talk!”
  • An attendee asked for a show of hands for those present in support of the Amnesty Plan (my pejorative title) and got no takers. Asked to show opposition to the Amnesty Plan in like manner, nearly everyone in the room raised their hands.
  • There was general agreement among callers concerning the breakdown of ‘Roberts’ Rules of Order’. Attendees were both loud and pointed in voicing their views.
  • The ‘After opening remarks Sen. Alexander will take questions from his constituents’ format was quickly abandoned by the Senator (or his handlers, or both) in favor of the new and improved ‘Sen. Alexander will talk quietly and one-on-one with constituents’.
  • While he wore a lapel mike at first so his comments could be heard, it was removed for the one-on-ones. The Senator was asked to use the mike again so everyone could hear his comments. Senator Alexander did not comply with that request.
  • When attendees objected to the abrupt change in format they were advised the meeting was being held on private property and by people that had the right to make changes. If those changes were unacceptable, those objecting were advised they were free to leave.
  • The observation was made by several callers that Sen. Alexander’s people at one or more points in the meeting physically moved so as to form a protective barrier or cordon for the Senator. That is my term, not that of any caller. I don’t recall anyone using terms that strong but I also don’t recall thinking in any other terms when hearing it described.
  • Several callers stated they made it bluntly clear to Lamar that if he voted for this bill they would not vote for him in ‘08. One caller echoed the Washington Times donor story I blogged on here by pointedly telling Steve Gill, “My wallet is closed!”

While one caller noted that there were at least a few Democrats present, Steve Gill made the cogent point that this treatment of the good Senator came at the hands of his friends and supporters.

Most of the callers also made the observation, in one form or another, that Sen. Alexander seemed shaken by the emotion and reaction from those attending. Prior to this morning, all I’ve heard from the Senator, personally (on radio interviews) and via others is that he was undecided or neutral but leaning to supporting the bill. It remains to be seen if he is shaken enough to finally declare his opposition to the bill.

Throughout the discussion, all I could think of was the humorous line from Inspector Kemp in the 1974 film ‘Young Frankenstein’, “A riot isss an ugly ting …”

Wondering how many remember the end of Inspector Kemp’s quote is, “… undt, I tink it is about time zat ve had one!”

Blue Collar Muse

Update: Welcome to all the visitors from Instapundit, Slate.com, The PoliPundit, Bill Hobbs and RedState. For the perspective from someone who was at the meeting, head over to Lamar Gets a Reality Check at Bear Creek Ledger.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.Other recent Coalition contributions:

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One response

3 06 2007
Richard St.George

As a onetime reporter there is no real information outside of what you learn, as we used to say, “on the ground.” Polls are skewed, the mainstream media — just those who own the pipe — elected “representatives,” well, as H.L.Mencken once said, “a politician is an ass upon which everyone has sat expect a man;” fact is you can’t trust what you see, read or hear. Except what your neighbor is saying or the woman in the supermarket who wears this strange dislocated, grumpy look as everyone around her converses in Spanish and she’s in the middle of Pacific Palisades, a rich white Los Angeles suburb. Everyone. Not some. Everyone. They say that the past is another country but when the present becomes another country you wonder whether there’s any value in being American or having an American citizenship. It seems like it’s up for grabs. Anybody and everybody can be an American because the appellation is so cheapened that it has no value, no meaning. As John McWhorter said, now it’s just an address. Meanwhile the so called mainstream media is daily hammering us with the new civic religion called “multiculturalism,” which means, there ain’t no America, just a congerie of people who hang out, for convenience, in the same place, doing their thing. And you’re supposed to feel bad because the main reason you don’t like the fact that the place which was once your home is not anymore your home, is “cultural.” It’s like people you don’t know just moved into your living room and you don’t know them and they don’t know you and have no interest in knowing you, they just go about their business in their own way and with their own language in a place that’s no longer yours but theirs. You’ve been displaced. We’ve been feeling this for the last two decades in Southern California as the Mexican population (here it’s overwhelmingly, like 95% Mexican) went from fifteen percent to fifty five percent (those they count, that is, the true figure is who knows) and English is a minority language. So you ask yourself “nobody asked me whether I WANTED to live in Mexico but here I am suddenly living in Mexico.” Everything’s changed. And Bush tells me I’ve got to love this. Why do I have to love this. Hell, not even the Mexicans want to live in Mexico, that’s why they’re here. (I’ve lived in Mexico, as a rich gringo, and after a while the oppression of living among people who have no real rights except what they can buy; only 100 families count in Mexico, everyone else is expendable). But now I’m living in Mexico with Mexican wages being the prevailing rate and Mexican standards of skill and craft are the standard and they only talk to each other as if you’re invisible. So a few years back I got concerned and logged onto a Townhall Matchup site looking for an immigration reform meeting and attended one. I thought there would be a lot of grumpy white older men venting spleen and instead I was surprised to find that 80% of the atttendees were young black men and young white men who were pushed out of jobs by Mexicans who control construction, service and food service jobs, landscaping, just to namea few. It occured to me then and I am convinced of it now that speaking Spanish is a weapon, a way of pushing English speaking young people out of jobs that are now reserved for Mexicans. In Mexico you can’t walk across the street unless you or your family “know” someone. It’s an exclusionary society run by a network of little Mafias. Welcome to Southern California. Or what is now Northern Mexico. Now the rest of the country is finding out what it’s like. And now the arrogant entitled elitist politicians are finding out what it’s like down on the ground. I’ll bet it’s a surprise. It’ll be a bigger surprise when they’re out of a job too.

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