It’s about terrorism, stupid

13 06 2007

Cross posted from   Right Truth

When talking about the illegal immigration situation in the United States, many folks make the grave error of thinking this is a racist or class issue. They are dead wrong. This is about terrorism and the safety of American citizens. The debate is about keeping our borders secure so that terrorists cannot get into this country. It’s also about keeping out weapons, specifically nuclear and biological agents, that could be used by terrorists inside America.

Martin at Blogbat has a must read article on China and the Americas (Cuban: Chinese “everywhere” in Panama). Yes, it relates to the immigration debate. Here’s a taste (emphasis mine):

One might ask if common sense even exists any longer in Washington or if the Zeitgeist that haunts our generation is a changing of the guard that marks the division of ages. As the Cuban put it, “Panama is a friendly country”. Panama and its people are friendly and open to every kind of newcomer, but this lack of widespread discernment of power emanating from Asia can be – and is being – exploited; they ask few questions and assume the best. Yet, once they have sold their souls to China, there can be no easy road for turning back. This is also what President Bush is asking of Americans in the illegal immigration debate: that we apparently smile and pat ourselves on the backs for going down like noble martyrs for some invented Crawford piety; being accepting of every harmful and hurtful thing as we watch human trains carrying AK-47s, biological, chemical or nuclear threats march across our borders so business leaders may get another fast buck to store in offshore accounts. As you read this, you may have begun to see just how the immigration debate and America’s strategic national interests have once again conjoined themselves indivisibly. However, I hope a larger picture is also coming into focus. (read it all)

FourInchHeels reports at The Bill T Blog on the “Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism” You can go read excerpts from the participants and commentary, but here’s a taste. (emphasis mine):

Representatives from nearly 30 countries meet this week in Miami for “The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism Law Enforcement Conference.” Among today’s speakers were The Deputy Director of Russia’s Federal Security Bureau, Colonel General Vladimir Ivanovich Bulavin, United States Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert S. Mueller. The purpose of the conference is “to build the capabilities of partner nations to investigate, prevent, and respond to sudden strikes by terrorists using nuclear devices or other radioactive materials.” [snip]I am struck with the change Mueller made to the well-known warning. Mueller’s variation points out that passive behavior that can arise from a complacent attitude is as dangerous as appeasement. (more)

I received the following via email this morning from Michael Travis, of Christians And Jews Together In Common Cause (no link available):

Friends,Many of you have taken note of the almost daily warnings of nuclear terror coming from government agencies during the past month. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller’s speech in Florida today should be taken very seriously by all Americans. Such a concerted effort by government agencies to raise awareness of the threat of an American Hiroshima is as unnerving as it is unprecedented. Something is up.

Privately, federal agents have been quite candid about Al Qaeda’s plan to use nuclear weapons against American cities, but it is highly unusual for the FBI to acknowledge the threat publicly. Mueller’s warnings cannot be considered coincidence. His revelations were obviously made after careful consideration and consultation with the executive branch of our government.

During our ongoing investigation of Islamic education and para-military training compounds we have encountered increased activity and a greatly heightened sense of paranoia within the Jihadi communities. An Israeli security source has described the U.S. training compounds as “a ticking bomb, set to go off at any moment“.

If your church or synagogue has not prepared a community emergency plan yet, it would be advisable to do so. Our churches remain the hub of American life and are the perfect foil for the Islamic Jihad.



Scott at Town Commons reports that the MSM is basically silent on this threat. (see Washington Times)

In light of the threat that we face, I think there is no question that this should have been front page news accross the MSM. Yet, inexplicably, this dire warning is not even mentioned in the New York Times. The Washington Post, for its part, did a lead article on Director Mueller, but it had nothing to do with the existential threat of nuclear terrorism. Instead, their lead article criticized Mueller for using an FBI jet for 36 trips over a five year period. Apparently, none in the MSM care for the message that Director Mueller has to deliver on the inevitability of future terrorist attacks, nor the inevitability of nuclear terrorism. (more)

Open borders is an invitation to terrorists who would like to bring nukes into the United States. Those Islamic para-military training compounds Michael mentions, are spread across the United States, most are considered tax-free ‘religious’ organizations, many connected to Jamaat al-Fuqra (see articles here, and here, and here)

So for any of you out there who are FOR open borders, think again. This is about more than the price of strawberries. It’s about terrorism.

Steve points out in a comment here that “skilled Future Americans” are getting a raw deal. This proposed immigration bill does nothing for them, it does not reward their standing in line for years and trying to do things the legal way.


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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.


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