The bribe is coming

13 06 2007

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Well, I knew that the Immigration Amnesty Frankenbill wasn’t going to die easily. Seems like now they are going to try and bribe the Senators standing up for America to switch sides with funds. This is worrisome, because we know the one thing Senators like are bribes in the form of funding.


Senate Republicans Work $4.4 Billion Border Security Amendment

WASHINGTON — GOP negotiators of an immigration reform bill are crafting a large border security amendment with mandatory, immediate funding that they hope will assuage concerns of both Republicans and Democrats, FOX News has learned.

The senators are looking at a way to please conservatives who are skeptical Congress will ever fund the bill’s border security provisions, as well as keep Democratic negotiators on board in a last ditch effort to save the comprehensive reform bill.

It is a political tightrope fraught with peril, but the members know they need more Republican support to break through the logjam.

I’m hoping that it’s not the funding that people are worried about, but the enforcement by DHS and ICE. They can put 10 billion into the bill but if no one stops anyone at the border, no one gets deported for committing a crime then it’s all for nothing!
Here’s a sign that this “amendment” is crappy. Look who came up with it.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a principle author of the amendment with Republican Sens. Jon Kyl and Mel Martinez, says his amendment is designed to be “a confidence builder” to address members’ concerns that ramped up border security provisions in the bill won’t, in the end, get funded.

Now Graham is already getting hissed and booed in his own state and Kyl’s been deluged with protests yet they are willing to give it another shot? What’s wrong with this picture? Normally the largest trait in a Senator is a sense of self-preservation, yet they have to know that if they go through with this their done. You would think so right? Apparently not.
Let’s take a deeper look at this bribe, shall we? How are they going to pay for it?

Graham said this $4.4 billion would be borrowed from the Treasury and repaid once the fines and fees from the bill are collected, like the $5,000 fine each illegal has to pay for a work visa, called a “Z visa.” Graham said it would be better to do it this way, rather than an emergency funding bill, which goes directly to increasing the deficit.

Almost looks like it makes sense doesn’t it? In actuality it makes the bill even WORSE! See that 5,000 was to help offset the huge administration costs with the amnesty and to help offset the cost of services the government has had to pay out to illegals in health care and education.

“If you put the money into this bill, it goes a long way toward building confidence,” Graham predicted.

Seems to me Graham you’re taking money OUT of the bill. Robbing Peter to pay Julio. So Lindsay “McCain’s wench” Graham, anything else in this amendment?

Visa overstays will become a crime under the Graham-Kyl-Martinez amendment, and repeat offenders would face mandatory jail time, deportation, and a ban from ever re-entering the U.S. It is unclear what Democratic negotiators like Sen. Edward Kennedy will do. He has not supported this kind of stiff penalty in the past.

Graham would also forever bar employers from participating in the guest worker program if they have violated immigration laws repeatedly.

So how do we know that these things will actually happen? I think it’s a shame that they are waiting on baited breath for what Kennedy is thinking. That’s a crock right there.

So Graham, really you’ve piled some crap on top of paper and are now attempting to bribe people. Think the provisions you put in will work?

It is unclear if this approach can work. “They tell me it can be done,” Graham said, but he added that his staff is investigating this now.

So, don’t know if it will work but you’re willing to bet the country on it eh? How’s this for a bet. Every Senator who votes for this fiasco should also sign an agreement that if it doesn’t work out for the country they don’t run for re-election or for another elected position ever again. Then let’s see who wants to vote for it.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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13 06 2007
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