Will our youth be affected?

17 06 2007

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Well I haven’t been blogging like I should the past week or so but I have not forgotten what’s going on.

Just the past week we have been discussing this immigration issue at work and off of work. I ran into a young black man at a gas station close to home who just broke out in the electrical trade. He makes $3 less an hour then I do, he has asked for a raise a couple of times but the owner of the electrical company has hinted that he can hire people all day long that will do the job for what he is making and some times even less.

Aint this great news, the reason I can get a higher wage is because I have 30 years in the trade and I know a wide range of the trade. Control work, data and communication, security and fire protection. I do CCTV, Simplex fire alarm and Audio Visual along with the high voltage and transformers.

Anyways as we stood around filling our cars at the gas pumps we started talking about the neighborhood we both live in. This young man has lived around here since elementary school. We both think the area is a nice quite place but he is concerned with the abundant Hispanic population that has moved in over the last few years.

He talked about the traffic and how it seemed that most of the Hispanic drivers either did not know the road laws or just did not care about them. He has had three wrecks in the last 16 months he said all due to an illegal Hispanic driver that failed to obey the law.

Each time the driver of the other vehicle was at fault and did not have insurance, and seemed to have just disappeared when the law tried to track them down for court.

So here we have a young man, that can’t get a decent wage for his skill. His insurance has almost doubled over the last year, said his property value is dropping due to the “neighborhood going south” (this was his words not mine). Is he mad? Why hell yeah he is!

Inflation is up, taxes are going up and wages are going down, we all should be mad. But our government is trying to say that these illegal immigrants are just over here trying to do the jobs we won’t do (we as in the American people). Well I have news for them they are taking our jobs and lowering our wages while they do it.

So while some of us who has been around the block can survive our youth will find it harder to make a living once this shamnesty bill is enacted, Social Security in the future will get hit hard, Medicaid will be just a memory, retirement will be a nightmare as our government takes more from us to cover the cost of the ones that will not be paying their way.

So if nothing else let’s at least try and think of our children’s future lets put a stop on this bill and secure our borders and clean up our country. Then if the job market needs all these extra workers they can be processed and integrated into the US after they learn our laws and language. I don’t think that is too much to ask for.

It’s Time to Change Government Leadership; It’s Time to Change the Nation!

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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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19 06 2007

I so agree with you!

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