Muslims, America, and Immigration

18 06 2007

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Two friends write on two topics that mesh perfectly. Glen Reinsford,
editor of The Religion of Peace website and author of a must read
book, Age of Tolerance, writes an article today about Muslim
immigration to the United States at Family Security Matters.

Muslimimmigration Muslim Immigration: A Winning or Losing
Proposition for America?

Pardon the crude analogy, but what if someone handed you a
revolver with one bullet and five empty chambers and asked you to put
it to your temple and squeeze the trigger? Would you indulge them?

If you are a sane person, then you would naturally decline the
offer, regardless of the number of empty chambers. Even a one in a
hundred chance of doing harm is hardly a reason, in and of itself, for
taking an unnecessary risk.

Consider the similarities to Muslim immigration:

1) In most cases, nothing bad will happen.
2) In some cases, it will.
3) The risk increases as the process continues.
4) There is an utter pointlessness to the whole affair.

First, let’s concede that the majority of Muslim immigrants mean
Americans no harm. They have their reasons for not wanting to live in
Muslim countries and these aren’t hard to guess. Of the fifty-three
Islamic nations on the planet, there is hardly a single one that isn’t
characterized by some combination of debilitating corruption, economic
blight, third-world standard of living, political repression, or an
appalling human rights condition.

Unfortunately, however, more Muslims in America will inevitably
result in a more Muslim America, which ultimately means having to deal
with the problems that plague Muslim society. If there are tangible
benefits that offset the added strain of trying to accommodate a
religion that is very much at odds with Western liberal values
(including freedom of conscience, social tolerance, democracy, and the
equality of women), then they are not immediately apparent.

That’s only the beginning of the article, go read it all here

The take-away quote for me from Glen Reinsford is this, ” … the
message should be clear: “If you want to live in a Muslim country,
then go live in one. On the other hand, if you don’t want to live in a
Muslim country, then stop trying to turn America into one.” This could
be adapted to any group of immigrants to the US. The group that
obviously comes to mind are the Mexicans. The impression I get is that
many of the pro-open borders groups supporting the Mexican illegals,
are not hoping to assimilate into the United States and become
Americans. On the contrary, their goal seems to be taking back
portions of the US they believe should be part of Mexico.

Another friend, R.J. Godlewski, describes his article like this …
“an article about personal observation not international relations or
even history”, he begins:

Looking for a few good Muslims…

“The Lord replied, `If I find fifty innocent people in the city of
Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.'” — Gn 18:26)

We all know how the Genesis story ended; persistent Abraham worked
the Lord’s patience down to ten innocent people before God finally
nuked the damn place off of the planet and into the annals of Biblical
history. Well, maybe He didn’t nuke the place, but He sure as hell
carpet bombed Sodom and Gomorrah into non-existence leaving countless
generations wondering what exactly was so evil about the two cities
that couldn’t even account for ten decent souls. Flash ahead a few
thousand years and I, myself, wonder about the prospects of finding
innocent people living within the Middle East; perhaps the entire
region is under some divine justice that will allow itself to
disintegrate into utter chaos.

Yes, I know. There are at least ten decent, law-abiding, faithful
citizens living in the region. I just wonder about their leaders –
particularly those among the ranks of the ulema (religious scholars).
The region is disintegrating into complete mayhem and yet I don’t see
many – if any – people calling for peace, compassion, or tolerance.
What I do see, however, is blame. Blame against Israel. Blame against
America. Blame against globalization. Even blame against other Muslims
(e.g., Sunni versus Shiite and vice versa). Apparently, the greatest
effort from the Muslim elite is simply pointing the finger at others.

You should go read it all here, because Godlewski ends his excellent
article with a challenge for Muslim individuals. I hope they will
respond. I really do.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration
(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link
to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let
us know at what level you would like to participate.






One response

18 06 2007
Henryk A. Kowalczyk

Why we have 12 million of illegal immigrants and why most of them are Mexicans?

We have 12 million of illegal immigrants, as economy needed as many workers. As our immigration laws do not allow people to come and work here legally, they arrived illegally.

Most of them are Mexicans, as they have unfair advantage, they can cross the border illegally much easier than Filipino or Ukrainians.

We need laws that would allow foreigners come and work here legally. The number should be defined by the needs of businesses not by bureaucrats. Legal guest workers would be coming form all over the world; the same Mexicans will not be coming in such big numbers as now. With ethically diversified immigration, assimilation would be faster.

All the problems solved.

Where is the logic of your arguments?

Regarding those 12 millions that are illegally here; it is the result of our faulty immigration laws. We need to revoke them. The same, undocumented foreigners would be just that, undocumented foreigners, not illegal aliens. So amnesty is not needed. We just need to register them.

Henryk A. Kowalczyk

PS. Please check my videos

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