Newt’s immigration ad

23 06 2007

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Ok I know a lot of people out there think Newt has too much baggage for a serious run at the Presidential nomination. However, the man just speaks words of truth. Listen to him here, sure I know it’s just an anti-amnesty ad spot but put that aside and listen to him.



Then go here and read what his press secretary is saying. The ideas here are Newt’s so don’t get the messenger and message confused. It’s a powerful bit of writing, hell ABC gave it 4 pages online so that’s telling you something.Here’s a few tidbits:In response to Trent Lott whining that talk radio has gotten too powerful:

Wanting to be first off that cliff was Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., who told The New York Times that “talk radio is running America” and “we have to deal with that problem.”

Blaming talk radio is like blaming the fact that you’re broke on your banker who loaned you the money that you spent.

On the ad I show above:

The ad is designed do one thing: defeat McCain-Kennedy.

The message in the ad is clear. Since Sept. 11, before which 5 of the 19 terrorist hijackers were at some point in the United States illegally, our borders remain open not just to people who cross illegally to find work and a better way of life, but to drug dealers, gangs and terrorists.

Newt also wrote a lengthy solutions-approach to immigration in his weekly Winning the Future Newsletter .

As Newt often points out, more time has passed since the Sept. 11 attack than all the time it took the United States to defeat the Nazis, the fascists and the imperialists during World War II, yet today we are no closer to protecting our borders.

On a few things wrong with the bill:

Washington promised (really and truly) that this time only, people here before Jan. 1, 2007 are the only people who will get amnesty. Cross our hearts. But how will they know who was here before Jan. 1 and who wasn’t? There is no way to tell.

McCain-Kennedy does not even contemplate a forge resistant smart card with biometric identification which would assure employers instantly who has legal status and who does not.

It does not provide for electronic deposit of guest worker’s paychecks so that when the worker falls out of legal status their account is frozen. It does not escrow a small percentage of a worker’s pay which they could collect with interest when they go home. It does not make the guest worker sign a contract promising to obey the law. It does not require people to go home and re-enter legally. It does not exclude gang members, drug dealer or potential terrorists from gaining the same legal status offered everyone else now here illegally. It does not even allow for the deportation of convicted felons.

See one of the things I love about Newt is that he isn’t just railing against things that are wrong, he offers solutions to the problems.

So what we should do with the millions who are here now? Deport them? The answer is to do nothing. Let me explain.

Protecting the border has a very desirable secondary effect in addition to the national security aspect. It sends a clear message to the immigrant population who lack legal status that the American immigration system may no longer be a joke. That something has changed and the government is demonstrating that it may be serious about law and order and protecting the border.

Amnesty, on the other hand, sends a clear message that we think our own law is merely a set of suggestions that need not be followed. Demonstrating seriousness turns the conversations in the immigrant communities toward the necessity to gain legal status. A protected border for them means that if they leave they will not be able to come back nor will anyone be able to illegally come in.

Another reason to stop illegal border crossings that is seldom discussed is that hundreds lose their lives trying to cross the border, mostly in the desert. Some drown, others, led by unscrupulous “coyotes,” have suffocated to death in overcrowded, poorly ventilated truck trailers and those are the ones who made it inside the U.S. border. Many more have died who did not. Part of protecting the border would put a stop to human trafficking, save lives and end needless suffering. We could start by giving those caught trafficking human beings the death penalty.

After the border is protected — and that may take some time — the next step is to implement a verification system equivalent in accuracy, speed and security as a credit or debit card. This system would use biometrics to ensure the person being hired is who they say they are and the employer can know with confidence that all of their employees have verifiable legal status.

The article goes on and hits quite a few other’s a long read but so very worth it. Please take a few minutes and read the article through. Then contact your local Senators and tell them you are against this shamnesty. Then to be safe, call your representatives and let them know that if the this bill comes to them they need to stand firm as our last line of defense.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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23 06 2007

When I hear Newts name, I instantly think of Georgia my old hometown. I just read on a site that there is a Mexican flag flying on a flag pole in Norcross Georgia at Green’s Corner shopping center. People we’ve got to stop this invasion. Coming to a town near you!!!!

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