Gwinnett County Georgia Fights Back

27 06 2007

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Even though debate resumes in the Senate for the worthless immigration bill; residents of Gwinnett County, Georgia are speaking out – and it’s making a difference:

Gwinnett County commission approves immigration proposal

Gwinnett cracking down on illegals

Commissioners heeded the call of Gwinnettians frustrated by illegal immigration Tuesday, approving provisions to force contractors to verify their employees are legal residents.“The very least we can do is make sure our tax dollars are spent respectfully,” Commissioner Mike Beaudreau said before the unanimous vote…Our prisons are too overflowing with some of these people. The American citizen, the honest worker is requested to pay the bill for everything. That is unjust,” said Charlotte Gutsmann, who emigrated from Germany in 1960 and now lives in Lawrenceville. “Our laws are good laws, and everybody should obey them. That’s the only way this country will stand.”..more than 50 people stood in support of the commission move, some even waving signs that said “No Illegal Workers.”

Code enforcement police unit’s new office unveiled

Officers have responded to nearly 6,000 complaints so far this year, and issued 137 arrest warrants.“Those complaints have uncovered gang activity. They have uncovered drug activity, and that’s what broken windows and quality of life are all about,” Green said.

…While Gwinnett is fighting back, we now have The Home Depot throwing their own ammendment into the immigration bill – and Senator Johnny Isakson is sponsoring it:

‘Home Depot’ amendment would bar cities from requiring labor sites

Home Depot is tired of being forced by local governments to provide accommodations for the informal labor markets that often pop up in its store parking lots. So the company turned to its home-state lawmakers for help. The amendment is sponsored by Republican Senator Johnny Isakson. It would shut down a growing practice in California, where city councils recently have forced Home Depot to build facilities, hire security staff and offer bathrooms.

…However, my favorite Congressman, Nathan Deal, says his office has been flooded with opposition against the immigration bill:

Deal, House hopefuls battle immigration bill

Deal said that while all of the activity on immigration has been in the Senate, that has not kept constituents from offering their opinions. The eight-term lawmaker said that phone calls, letters and e-mails were running overwhelmingly against the Senate plan.”There is as much activity as we’ve seen on any issue the entire time I’ve been here,” Deal said.

…And here we have an example of religion getting in the way of common sense:

Baptists to launch immigration services

The Baptist General Convention of Texas and Southern Baptist Convention have adopted resolutions embracing immigrants — legal and illegal.

But i’m wondering – if the church is getting involved with immigration issues, doesn’t that interfere with their non-profit status?

…The following opinion piece is a definite must-read. This is the voice of the open border crowd. Look at all the things Mr. Arturo Corso wants YOU to do for the illegal immigrants:

Forget the hateful spin and pass real immigration reform

Stop trying to hurt your opponents with mendacious blows. It will only backfire on you. (Is this a threat?)

Instead, propose some helpful suggestions. Here are just a few ideas that don’t involve beating down your brothers and sisters:

Pass comprehensive immigration reform that makes sense immediately. Make immigrants apply for Georgia driver’s licenses and car insurance, then use the fees to build a high-speed train from Gainesville to Atlanta to Athens and back.

Relax some zoning restrictions at the city limits so that developers can build affordable multifamily housing, then use the tax revenues from the additional housing to lower property taxes for the rest of us.

Eliminate under-the-table wages and withholding exemptions for all workers; then use the increased revenue to provide income tax relief and build more schools and hospitals for all.

Please submit any other helpful ideas (other than “round ’em up and throw ’em out”) to your state senator and representatives. God Bless.

Arturo Corso is a Gainesville attorney.


Miss Beth’s Victory Dance: CAII Alert

Freedom Fighter Radio Show: Republican Party: Demand your refund now!

**This was a production of The Coalition
Against Illegal Immigration
(CAII). If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards,
email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you
would like to participate.




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