Teddy Kennedy our designated driver on immigration reform

27 06 2007

Cross Posted from   Conservative Common Man

From TheHill.com:

Senate to debate immigration overhaul bill

“I’ve been in Congress for more than 40 years and immigration reforms are always controversial,” the lead Democratic negotiator, Sen. Edward Kennedy (Mass.), said. “But Congress is expected to muster the political will to get it done.  And today, I’m proud to say that we did.” 

That first sentence is a brief description of the problem. The fact that career politicians from pseudo-royal families wield so much authority over our freedom and our wallets is a huge problem!  Of course the senior swimmer from Taxachussetts knows immigration reform is always controversial, he has played a major role in every immigration failure over the last forty years. This makes him an expert, albeit on crafting bad legislation. Perhaps in addition from not driving drunk, Teddy should refrain from legislating drunk. The results of this crash will affect we the people, but that is of no concern to the traitors in power. Drunken with power (and in Teddy’s case mixed with scotch) the elites are numb to the flood they intend to deluge the American taxpayer with. They are not to be bothered with trivialities such as existing law, sovereignty, decreased wages, increased burden on medical providers (with little to no increase in payment to said providers,) and the effective slapping in the faces of those who came to our country legally.  

We are not to worry though, the Z visa applicants will pay. According to the news today Z-2 and Z-3 visa applicants will be required to pay $500. According to my perusal of the text of SB 1639 last night the Z-A (agriculture) applicants will be required to pay a cool $100! Does anyone else notice that these amounts seem to be diminishing before our eyes? Of course the supporters of this travesty would have preferred that the details of this “Gateway to a North American Union Bill of 2007” not be reviewed by the prying eyes of the unwashed masses. 

Fret not friends, for the government will do a background check on all applicants and they will not receive their visas until the results of those checks are returned or the end of the next business day, whichever comes first! ***This is actually what the bill says!*** 

The portions of the bill regarding the studying of the treatment of certain groups of people during World War II and possible reparations to them lead me to the following conclusion. I should be filled with remorse for the way I treated these groups 25 to 30 years before I was born. I should willingly give any portion of my income that any federal commission finds appropriate to the surviving members and descendants of the aforementioned groups. Of course my willingness (or consent) doesn’t matter when it comes to taxation. The willingness (or consent) of the American citizens doesn’t matter when our royal class choose Teddy Kennedy as the designated driver to guide us into our future!   **This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.Recent articles from other CAII members:

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