The North American Union Exposed At Last !!

29 06 2007

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Finally! The full exposé of North American agenda Book documents plans for merger of U.S., Mexico, Canada

© 2007

WASHINGTON – Resistance to enforcing immigration laws and border security by political elites in the nation’s capital is, at least in part, a result of plans to promote political, social and economic integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada, charges a new book, “The Late Great USA.” “It’s the only context in which the current immigration travesty makes sense,” says Jerome Corsi, co-author of the best-selling “Unfit for Command,” “and it must be stopped.”

Millions of Americans, shocked by the Senate “grand bargain” on immigration that gives the precious gift of legalization to millions of illegal aliens and felons, have taken to the phones to demand no amnesty. But, claims Corsi, there’s far more to the current Senate bill – a story documented in shocking detail in “The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada,” published by WND Books.

“Prior to this ‘grand bargain’ cooked up in a backroom by our so-called representatives, many people had never heard of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, yet several amendments in the Senate bill are designed specifically to further the SPP’s agenda,” explains Corsi.

In “The Late Great USA,” Corsi shows how the SPP, an agreement signed in 2005 by Bush, Paul Martin of Canada and Vicente Fox of Mexico, is nothing less than a full-frontal assault on American sovereignty.

This aim to create a North American Union between the United States, Mexico and Canada is the real reason behind “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Says Corsi, “Bush’s goal to create a North American Union – with no borders, a shared currency, and utterly no voice for average Americans in their own futures – is the real reason he won’t enforce immigration laws.”

Utilizing thousands of documents released as a result of the Freedom of Information Act, “The Late Great USA” shows how unelected bureaucrats in faceless agencies such as the Department of Commerce have been given the power to foist the NAU on the American public incrementally.

“The European Union, which now holds millions of voiceless, voteless Europeans in thrall to a heedless Brussels bureaucracy, was put into place little by little over a 50-year period,” Corsi writes, “not by the citizens of the member states, but by elitists who disguised their goal of a regional government.”

In “The Late Great USA,” Corsi details:

1. The tactics unelected globalist business leaders, bureaucrats and taxpayer-funded academics are using to lead to the merger of the United States with Mexico and Canada

2. How the state of Texas is seizing millions of acres of privately owned land so foreign investors can cash in on a NAFTA “super-highway” from Mexico to the Canadian border.

3. How China, through its proxies in Mexico, plans to bring the world’s sole superpower to its knees economically – without firing a shot.

“A North American Union would not just be the end of America as we know it,” claims Corsi, “but the beginning of an EU-like nightmare – a bureaucratic coup d’etat foisted upon millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.”

“The Late Great USA” is a meticulously researched story of deceit, the chapters of which are being written in secret.

For Corsi, “The Late Great USA” is nothing less than a wake-up call to the American people.

“The Security and Prosperity Partnership is not just unconstitutional, but an act of treason at the highest levels,” he says. “Anyone who cares about the future of this country – our children’s future – must act now against a North American Union and the underhanded way in which our sovereignty is being compromised, one illegal alien at a time.”

Corsi, a WND columnist, received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in political science in 1972 and has written many books and articles, including the No. 1 New York Times best-seller, “Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry.”

Corsi’s most recent book was authored with Michael Evans: “Showdown with Nuclear Iran.” Corsi’s other recent books include “Black Gold Stranglehold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil,” which he co-authored with WND columnist Craig. R. Smith, and “Atomic Iran.”

“The Late Great USA” is set for official release July 4, but is available now exclusively through WND. For a limited time, all first-edition copies of the book are autographed by the author at no additional charge.

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Pardons now for our Border Agents-The Texas 4 please visit these sites for info on how you can help and to see their stories

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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