Analyzing the Fallout: Chambliss After the Death of the Immigration Bill

1 07 2007

Cross posted from   Georgia Crime Watch

**sniff, sniff** Ahhhhh…smell it? It’s the sweet smell of victory.

Just don’t get too comfortable folks, because there is still so much work to be done. First and foremost, we must fight through the fallout resulting from the implosion of the Senate amnesty bill. Let’s examine our beloved Georgia Senator, Saxby Chambliss, shall we?

Here are the main points of the e-mail that Mr. Chambliss sent out last night:

…I became involved with the immigration reform bill because it was clear to me
that this issue touches the lives of Georgians on a daily basis. (or was it because the President asked you to jump, and you said ‘how high?’…)

Moreover, I believe the people of Georgia elected me to represent them and to work constructively to meet the difficult challenges facing our nation. From the early development of this legislation, I fought for the inclusion of a border security first provision. (True.)

I felt strongly that this issue should go to the floor of the Senate for a free and open debate with all Senators having the opportunity to offer amendments and have them voted on. That has not happened. For that reason and because certain amendments have been adopted that make the bill unacceptable, I cannot support the bill in its current form. (mmm…I don’t know about that. You were ready to push this bill straight through the Senate until your constituents started calling…OH! I see, you acknowledge that here in the next line…)

Due to the tremendous response from Georgians, I am now convinced that many people do not believe our government will enforce the border security provisions in the legislation. (YESssss!) Therefore, Senator Isakson and I communicated to President Bush that Congress must pass, and he should sign, a supplemental appropriations bill to fully fund the necessary expenditures to secure our borders. (Which is something that should have been addressed before this whole Senate bill nonsense came into play in the first place.)

I will continue to approach this issue by tackling border security first and separately from any other immigration measure and I will oppose comprehensive reform unless and until that is done. (Umm…well that’s nice and all, but i’m personally hoping you will not be in office for the next debate. You almost sold us out. I’m guessing the only reason why you caved, is because you’re up for re-election. At least – that’s what some of your colleagues are saying…)

That is why I voted against cloture twice on the immigration bill(Now wait a minute…your constituents overloaded your phones, e-mail, and fax; booed you in Gwinnett; and protested at your office before you changed your mind!) Immigration reform is a process and we are nowhere near the finish line. The President and Congress must work together to secure the border first. Once this is done , we can work to resolve the collateral issues. I believe we can get there, but we are not there yet. (No, we are not, and hopefully, you won’t have anything to do with it next year.)

Ok – so, Chambliss admits that because Georgian’s spoke so loudly against the Senate immigration bill, that we were at least part of the reason why he voted against it.


He didn’t say he agreed with us. Let’s see what Chambliss is saying to the press:

The toughest challenge is for us to get all the information out there so people
can make an informed decision,” Chambliss said.


He didn’t really say that…did he? Is our Senator, Mr. Saxby Chambliss, saying that the people of Georgia are not…informed? That maybe, just maybe, the people of Georgia are mistaken in their resolve to secure America’s borders? That we are too simple-minded to grasp the subject of immigration? That the idea of actually stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, before we tackle the issue of who stays and who goes, is merely a plan created from misinformation?

Mr. Chambliss – I understand that the state of Georgia is nearly dead last in terms of public education, but surely some of us have actually learned to READ since then. I know it’s shocking, but we have taken it upon ourselves to STUDY the immigration issue. We have gathered facts, have listened to experts, and most importantly –


…we are turned away from our jobs because we ask for a fair wage. fair hours. or because we do not speak spanish.

…our children are pushed out of their classrooms, because the teachers are so overwhelmed with non-english speaking students. American schools do not have the resources, time, or money, to deal with the massive influx of foreign students.

…we are watching our neighborhoods deteriorate as they become covered in graffiti. Single-family homes are becoming urban hotels. Suburban streets are filling up with prostitution, child molesters, drunk drivers, drugs and drive-by shootings.

The evidence is in front of our faces everyday. So tell me Senator Chambliss, in what way are your constituents MISINFORMED?

“The status quo is amnesty because we’re doing nothing … These people who are criticizing us are giving no alternatives. It’s pretty easy to throw rocks.”-Chambliss

Yes it is, as we can see from your comments above. And you are absolutely right – the United States of America has waited too long on illegal immigration. The problem is too large and the flow must be stopped. There ARE NO OTHER ALTERNATIVES.

Although the bill authorized money for increased border security, Isakson and Chambliss argued there were no guarantees that the funding would ever become a reality. Instead, they called on President Bush to send Congress and emergency appropriations request to provide the money up front.

Do you see this? The Senate immigration bill – even if it had passed – would probably not have been properly funded anyway. And they wonder why the American people have no FAITH IN THEIR GOVERNMENT?

”It’s incumbent on us to listen to our constituents, and that’s what we did,” Chambliss said in a conference call with reporters.

Yes you did. And guess what?

We are not done yet…


Freedom Fighter on the Home Front: How did the CFR become embedded within our Government?

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**This was a production of The Coalition
Against Illegal Immigration
(CAII). If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards,
email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you
would like to participate.




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