The Devil is in the Details: Who Gets Deported?

3 07 2007

Cross posted from   The Virtuous Republic

For fiscal year 2005, the Department of Homeland Security reported that nearly 44% of those whom it deported from the United States were criminals.


Think of it this way, of the 204,000 people unlucky enough to be caught and deported, 44% of them were sent home because they had committed crimes.

Now the illegal alien apologists would argue that these numbers don’t represent the nature of the total illegal alien population, but my answer is how do you know the nature of our illegal population except by those who have been caught by the system.

If this is anywhere close to the quality of our illegal alien population, why did our elites try to push through a bill that would have granted them amnesty?

And ask yourself this, remember that Senate bill 1639 had a 24 background check for those applying for legal status?  Now, let’s, for the sake of argument, accept that the U.S. could check finger print databases thoroughly enough in that time frame.  What about checking the criminal backgrounds of these applicants in their native countries?  Do you really think Mexico, Guatemala, or any other third world country’s criminal databases would be accessible or thorough or complete or that this could be done in 24 hours?

We have several problems in this country.  Our open southern border is allowing a criminal element into our nation and our elites are unwilling to do anything about it that will solve the problem.  So far their answer was to give amnesty to people whose criminal records were only going to be checked in the U.S., not their home countries.  That isn’t a solution, that is a travesty.





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