Another America Hater…

11 07 2007

Cross posted from    Tom’s Flashbacks

Gotta read these articles, confront these nuts, They are the KKK, Gestapo, Black Panthers of the Illegal Alien Movement.

As always they decry racism, all the while spewing out the hatred themselves, like oily black slime from the deepest pits of sewage.  They can point to racism in every aspect of their trivial lives, yet in their search they never bother to look in the mirror.  These are the worst kinds of human.  These are the kind that pray on people that they know will odey their every command, that every word is as the gospel.  Their followers are no diffrent than lemmings nose diving off cliffs. These people are the Jihadi of our southern borders.  Always out to slander the people that give them the life they have, yet never have the courage, the guts, tha man-ness to go into the countries of their origin to change the atrocities that cause the REFUGEES to flee North to start with.

So, how does he explain all the attacks by Mexicans against Americans??  The burning of our flag, the desire to reclaim the SW??  The racism directed at Americans?  He doesn’t.  He calls us nazis, yet is anti-jewish in his views, along with other Aztlan writers.  Maybe the Americans standing up against Illegals has to with high crime, drugs, economics, failing hospitals, repeat offenders, being illegal in the first place, ID theft, felonies, corporate corruption, defacing American values, gangs like MS-13 and the Zetas?  I dunno, maybe Americans are fed up with the government failing citizens at every turn, while embracing greed and corruption.  But his essay is nothing but propaganda and hate mongering.  He is a useless person fanning the flames of racism of hatred towards Americans, Americans that go out of our way to help everyone, at the cost of our own lives and treasure, this is the thanks we get.  I vote for isolationism…..

Oh yeah, and this guy works where, in the US at a college of course, would you have it any other way???…
Professor Lorenzo Cano Galaviz
University of Houston

Phone list to let the UH know what you
think of this guy.




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