OTM’s smuggled across the border, specifically Iraqi and other Middle Eastern

18 07 2007

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“Iraqis and other Middle Eastern” individuals are being smuggled across the Mexican border into the United States, according to The Blotter. This should be a enough reason to secure the borders, since we know that Middle Eastern groups want to get inside the US; bring nuclear, biological, and/or chemical agents with them; and set off major attacks inside the United States.

It’s not just those that are being smuggled across the borders we need to worry about. Think of the large numbers of Middle Eastern individuals that are allowed into the country and over stay their visas, or come here under ‘hardship’ conditions.The FBI is investigating an alleged human smuggling operation based in Chaparral, N.M., that agents say is bringing “Iraqis and other Middle Eastern” individuals across the Rio Grande from Mexico.

An FBI intelligence report distributed by the Washington, D.C. Joint Terrorism Task Force, obtained by the Blotter on ABCNews.com, says the illegal ring has been bringing Iraqis across the border illegally for more than a year. [snip]

The FBI report, issued last week, says the smuggling organization “used to smuggle Mexicans, but decided to smuggle Iraqi or other Middle Eastern individuals because it was more lucrative.” Each individual would be charged a fee of $20,000 to $25,000, according to the report.

The people to be smuggled would “gather at a house on the Mexican side of the border” and then cross the Rio Grande into the U.S., the report says.

Unidentified individuals would then transport them to train stations in El Paso, Texas or Belen, New Mexico,” according to the FBI document. (more)

President Bush promised to resettle 7,000 Iraqi refugees here by the end of the year.

It is not only Iraqis who have been smuggled across the border, and re-housed by Catholic Refugee Services in Chicago and Detroit. Out of the [realistic] estimated 20-30 million recent illegals who have entered the country, many millions arrived by plane, and are well trained, ex-Arab fighters…sent to the United States to raise money and prepare for the ultimate jihad. These Illegals are referred to as “OTM’s” or “Other than Mexicans”.Look at it this way; combined U.S. Forces in Iraq number @ 160,000 men and women. During the past six years we have “welcomed” at the very least….. TEN TIMES THAT MANY Arabs, Somalis and Pakstanis into our midst. Most of the “new arrivals”…(or “refugees” as the Administration prefers to call them) are ex-military from some of the most despotic regimes on the planet.

We are seriously out numbered. (–Michael, via email)

The government is now admitting we have problems inside the United States with security at facilities that maintain nuclear materials.

The General Accounting Office has issued it’s report on security of Nuclear materials. We should be a little bit more nervous……………………………now that the Fed has admitted to “problems”. (Michael, via email)

President Reagan, speaking about the Berlin Wall, said the United States did not have to wall her people in. Perhaps we need to wall the enemy out.


Mexican Drug Cartels Intimidate Texan Newspapers, Stormwarning’s Counterterrorism Blog

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