McCain does 180 on immigration

3 08 2007

Cross posted from    Right Truth

As John McCain sees his chances for the White House dropping like a lead balloon, he has changed his views on illegal immigration. Backing away from the recent failed immigration bill which McCain stood behind in spite of the Conservative base, he is now sponsoring “a scaled-down proposal that imposes strict rules to end illegal immigration but doesn’t include a path to citizenship.”

“We can still show the American people that we are serious about securing our nation’s border,” McCain said in a statement, adding that the new bill would “provide an essential step toward achieving comprehensive reform in the future.”McCain’s immigration position has been a campaign liability among Republican voters and hurt his efforts to raise money. Other GOP presidential candidates, fellow Arizona Republicans and immigration opponents throughout the country have loudly decried his position.

Observers said McCain’s switch was political. “He recognizes his position on the issue is killing him,” said Steven Camarota, research director at the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors vigorous immigration enforcement.

McCain’s co-sponsors include Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jon Kyl of Arizona. All three were leading advocates for the unsuccessful comprehensive immigration measure and were bombarded with criticism for their support.

Immigrants’ rights advocates jumped to condemn their decision. (more)

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