Quarter Ton of Marijuana Equals Free Pass – But Only If You Are An Illegal Alien…

3 08 2007

Cross posted from Common Sense America

Just when you thought our government couldn’t get sink any lower in the dereliction of their duty to protect this nation and uphold our laws, you get an e-mail from a reader with a link to this…

From ABC News via a link from Ms. ZH:

If you’re caught with two pounds of pot that you plan to sell, plan on going to jail for up to seven years.

With 500 pounds, you can kiss your completely freedom goodbye.

But head down to Southern Arizona, near the border, do the exact same thing, and in many cases you get off scott-free.

No prosecution, no penalty, no prison…in fact – not even a slap on the hand.

County prosecutors say it’s enormously frustrating and for the drug cartels, enormously profitable.

But this sweet deal only applies if you’re illegal and smuggling 500-pounds or less.

And therein lies one of our country’s dirty little secrets: Mexican drug runners getting a free pass back to Mexico if they’re caught with less than a quarter-ton of pot.

Cochise County attorney Ed Rheinheimer spells it out. “If a seizure is made of an amount less than 500 pounds, the case doesn’t get prosecuted.”

You read that right.

Drug runners doing business without punishment.

But don’t blame the county attorneys.

Remember: These are federal cases and should be federally prosecuted.

But guess what?

They don’t get prosecuted by the feds and now, they don’t get prosecuted by guys like Ed Rheinheimer, either.

“Since 2003 we stopped prosecuting federal referrals because of a lack of resources.” [snip]

And while these “weight limits” are unfamiliar to most Americans – drug cartels know them well and plan accordingly.

Sergeant Terry Parish warehouses the seizures. We walked through store rooms holding marijuana from floor to ceiling.

Lisa Fletcher: “How many of these guys do you think are aware of this sort of unspoken rule that if you’ve got less than 500 pounds, you’re probably not going to get prosecuted?”

“I think probably more of them are aware of it than individual officers are. Their intelligence is very good, it’s what they do for a living.”

And they do it every night…all along Arizona’s border.

War on drugs? Don’t make me laugh. This a full frontal assault on the American citizen and our society. Think I’m wrong? Well, consider this, it seems George Orwell’s famous quote, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” has never been more accurate than it is in America today.

Is it any wonder Americans are outraged over the current illegal immigration situation? While our government winks and nods at Mexico, we’ve watched as illegal immigrants are afforded more and more rights in our society than American citizens – American citizens who happen to get stuck with the bill to pay for all of this generosity and are hauled off to prison if we dare to think of breaking any of the laws that illegal aliens receive a free pass for breaking.

Our rewards for being Americans and legal American citizens are higher taxes, higher crime rates, lower wages, higher insurance premiums and on and on while illegal aliens are rewarded for their crimes against our borders and our society with:

Free health care – U.S. taxpayers pay the medical bills for illegal aliens yet the cost of most American’s monthly health insurance premium for even a small family has now exceeded their monthly mortgage payment and if we fail to pay for our insurance and need medical care, our home will have to be sold to cover the costs.

The right to be above the law – Illegal aliens can hide in ’sanctuary cities’ that say, “we care more about the rights of criminal aliens than the rights of our own citizens” yet American criminals are not afforded a place to hide, in fact, they are hunted down.

In-state tuition – Senators Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, and other members of our Congress are proud sponsors of the illegal dream yet American children have to pay more for their college tuition than their illegal counterparts as some states have already implemented in-state tuition for illegal aliens in direct violation of our federal law.

Day laborer centers – American taxpayers fund illegal day laborer centers yet there are no ‘gathering places’ being built for unemployed American workers.

No ID necessary – “The stigma and humiliation of constantly proving lawful status is unacceptable”, says the ACLU yet Americans are expected to show 2 forms of verifiable ID to obtain a driver’s license.

Fair share of Katrina disaster aid – Hillary Clinton – defender of the illegal alien, made sure that illegal aliens got their ‘fair share’ of the Katrina disaster aid paid for courtesy the American taxpayer.

Using our courts to see that crime pays – 2 illegal immigrants won an Arizona ranch in court. Do you think an American trespasser could get that lucky in court?

Turning our sense of right and wrong on its head – The Minuteman Project and other anti-illegal immigration groups are targeted as bands of racists and even called ‘vigilantes’ by our President and ‘bigots’ by a member of the U.S. Senate. Americans who are trying to help the border patrol, because of our government’s total disregard for the citizens of this nation, are rewarded by being vilified by the very officials failing to live up to the office they occupy. In this topsy-turvy world, criminals are now accepted as the victim and law-abiding citizens are handed the bill and openly accused of racism if they disagree. Or arrested if they dare to protest.

Our Border Patrol agents languish in prisons while known drug smugglers are given immunity.

And now, American citizens can expect to face prison time for small amounts of marijuana while illegal aliens can possess a quarter of a ton – and bring it across an international border – with absolutely no ramifications?

Orwell was right, “Some animals (and people) ARE more equal than others”.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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