Iraqi Refugee bill extends way beyond Iraqis

9 08 2007

Cross posted from   Bear Creek Ledger

You just can’t fault those Dhimmi loving Dhimmicrats.  Center for Vigilant Freedom does a breakdown on HR 2265 (S. 1651) which is the supposed refugee bill for Iraqis.  Did you say you thought terrorist who supported and committed terrorists acts SHOULDN’T be included – well, that would be just wrong according to the Dhimmicrats sponsoring this bill (Blumenauer – OR, Shays – CT).

This bill is a humdinger with all sorts of non-Iraqi elements to it.  And if you think there’s a ceiling to the number then you would be incorrect.  Yes, there’s only a floor on the number???  Only a Dhimmicrat could use that logic.

Here’s just one newsworthy piece:

And this is just for Iraqis, this amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act that allows them unreviewable discretion to let in groups formerly known as terrorists? No, our reading of Section 7 of this Bill is that it uses the Iraqi refugee issue to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to allow this discretion for all aliens, not just Iraqis. We think the Bill’s optimistic drafters are thinking ahead to a future Democratic administration where the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security, and the Attorney General, will have a politically correct and multicultural view of who constitutes a terrorist, regardless of country of origin.

There’s a whole lot more! I just love it when the Dhimmicrats show us just how they would protect the country. I would make sure your Representatives and Senators understand the details of this bill before they somehow go blindly voting for it!  I know I will!

h/t The Stein Report

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