North American Air Traffic Control

9 08 2007

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Is a North American air traffic control system good or bad for United States safety?

The U.S. has built nine navigation systems for Mexico and Canada under the controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America in an apparent first step toward establishing the satellite infrastructure needed to create a North American air traffic control system.The defining vision for North American air traffic control was articulated by then-Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta in a Sept. 27, 2004, statement announcing, “We must make flying throughout North America as seamless as possible if we are to truly reap the rewards of the expanding global economy.”


The “2006 Report to Leaders” posted on the SPP website proclaimed, “In order to increase navigational accuracy across the region, five Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) stations were installed in Canada and Mexico in 2005.”

WAAS is a space-based augmentation system that provides precision navigation information to aircraft equipped with Global Positioning Satellite/WAAS receivers through all phases of flight. (WND)

I’m against a North American Union, similar to the European Union, but I’m not sure that this North American air traffic control is a bad thing. Perhaps it’s even a good thing, for America’s safety. What do you think?

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One response

10 08 2007

This is just a repeat of 1981. The system is still not fixed, it still has controllers in nervous breakdown range, government still doesn’t want to install a new working system.

With all of the earmarks the congress takes, this and other systems that needed to be replaced years ago aren’t fixed. Controllers are still not asking for more money just as in ’81. The system and buildings are still the same. The controllers just want a safe working system and work area.

It’s the same old story different day(or year). But the congress wants 8 million to re-do their gym????? Murtha’s millions to make believe projects, Pelosi and Feinstein cramming their husbands companies with money, Reid’s 3 sons and 1 son in law are paid to do his lobbying and getting millions, etc,etc.

But of course all of these personnal pocket lining millions are ok???? What the hell let everything breakdown, nothing else matters except they got their blood money.

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