August 18 American’s will rise up Against the SPP AND NAU WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

16 08 2007

Cross posted from Freedom Fight Radio

Seattle becomes the first city in the United States to march in public
opposition and solidarity against the SPP and NAU


Seattle, WA United States of America
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Seattle becomes the first city in the United
States to march in public opposition and solidarity against the
Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP.GOV) on
Saturday August 18th 2007, Seattle Center, 1pm. Protests are being
planned to coincide with the third SPP summit in Quebec, Canada where
President Bush,
Canadian Prime Minister Harper and Mexican President Calderon will be
meeting to further their open borders
and “North American” integration agendas. An extension of the North
American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the SPP is a treasonous mechanism
by which the leaders of the three nations in collaboration with
un-elected, unaccountable global power elite “working groups” are
integrating policies and “harmonizing” regulations in areas of
defense, emergency management, economy, agriculture and healthcare on
an un-unprecedented level that is clearly intended for an eventual
merger into an “EU style” North American Union, all without any public
forum or congressional oversight. The SPP seeks to establish a
“North American Framework” double speak for “Building a North
American Community” a report sponsored by the Council on Foreign
Relations and written by American University professor and
self-appointed elitist Robert Pastor. Reference:
Aspects of a North American Union include a single currency
(Amero) and a North American Parliament that would super cede our
judicial branch of government and outright subvert American
sovereignty. Reference:

We demand the immediate restoration of the Republic by reinstatement
and adherence to the United States Constitution, by which our elected
officials are accountable to American citizens. We demand the
withdrawal of United States from the SPP, NAFTA and the United
Nations, the foreign world body ultimately behind the purposeful
concerted effort to destroy the sovereignty of United States of America
and it’s free citizens. We demand the restoration of our national
borders and re-commitment to the United States as a sovereign, free
nation. We the people, attendees of March for America! declare that
we will not be a part of a North American Union! March for America!
* March for America Washington is a grassroots non-partisan patriotic
effort consisting of pro-American organizations and citizens who come
together to stand up for their country via protest marches and events in
Washington State.

In a region of the nation where the political environment is seemingly
committed to national suicide, it’s critical to demonstrate public
opposition to those who undermine our sovereignty and promote the
effective dissolution of our nation.

Help send Jim host of Freedom Fighter to this event where he has been
invited to speak.
Please help us:
Click on our Pay Pal button on our site
Or Contact Freedom Fighter Radio

Freedom Fighter Radio
PO. Box 204183
Martinez, Ga. 30907
or email to

This event will be streamcasted live over the net and will be available
for download following the event.

To listen live that day go to
enter freedom fighter
or 18976 in the white search box for first half .
For 2nd half of enter Uncooperative Radio

or 9461 in white search box.

Show will be broadcast on Freedom Fighter Radio

4- 7 pm est.
At 7 pm est show will be picked up by Uncooperative Radio

for remainder of event.
Special host that day will be Brian Bonner(host of Uncoopertive Radio

Paul (the voice) Stanton(host of Getting Political Talk Radio
Jim Stach (host of Freedom Fighter Radio
) will be reporting live in the field from Seattle Washington.

*This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration
(CAII). If you would
like to participate, please go to the above link to learn
more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at
what level you would like to participate**




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18 08 2007
Grammer Police

There is no apostrophe in the word “Americans”.

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